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Basic Techniques
* Double Heart Refresh
* Double Jump Double Heart Refresh
* Double Heart Refresh Jump
* Wing Smash Heart Refresh
* Sword Brothers Chapel Exit
* RC Clocktower Escape
* IC Clocktower Escape

Inside Castle Techniqes
*Wolf Glitch
*Wolf Squeeze
*Divekick Double Heart Refresh

Outside Castle Techniqes
* Death Jump
* Gravity Jump Double Heart Refresh
* Bounce Double Heart Refresh

Ceiling Techniqes
* Ceiling Catch

Edge Travel Techniques
* Wall Grab

Map Shifting Techniques
* Castlekeep Death Tech

Special Situations
* Entrance Underground Garden
* Third Outer Wall

Misc. Techniques
* Air Back
* Keep Initial Equipment

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Welcome to Castlevania World Beyond Walls

August 18th 2019

It has been quite a while since we have been able to add an update to the maps. Paulo had discovered that you can sink through existing rooms and rooms outside the map and be able to catch ceilings below in the same zone. This led to finding a questionable method to obtain 3 rooms in the Inverted Mines. Also using this new tech and a mixture of Long Edge Travel Bug7139 was able to lock down a method to obtain another room in Inverted Marble Gallery. Check Paulo's Video for instructions on how to get the room in Inverted Marble Gallery. IC Marble Gallery Room.

The 3 Additional rooms in the Inverted Mines using Sink Catch have been added to the S4R map as it involved Sink Catching through an outside boundry room but then doubling back to recapure the room using a more legitimate method. The community is split between how to proceed with these rooms since it uses a questionable method to obtain them, we have decided to add them to the S4R Flip map since both techniques use questionable methods to obtain rooms. Watch the video for details on how to get these 3 rooms. IC Mines 3 Rooms.

January 11th 2015

Sorry for the late update on the most recent 5 rooms. Bug7139 and Someolddude had worked hard on using the Skytech trick to manipulate some flickers below the Inverted castle keep to open 5 new rooms well below the viewable map. Please check the forum thread Here. I had to use a Gameshark code to move the map down so you can see exactly what rooms were opened.

May 27th 2014

After about a year and a half dry spell we finally have new rooms!. New to the scene glitcher Thiaguin from the Brazilian forum has been working hard with the saturn version and figured a way to Shift the towers in the Inverted castle. Bug7139 worked with these new findings and managed to get a working version for the US and Japan PSX versions. Great work to both of you. This brings us to 408.3% on the no repeat tech maps. Check into forums for further details

Sept 3 2012

Congratulations to Jackobones From the Brazilian Forums. He has figured out a way to get a cave troll stuck in the inverted castle left lake and has been able to use this troll to open 11 new Rooms using the "Mist Up" Technique. This brings the Maps to 406.1% Non S4R and 426.7% with S4R

New Mist up Rooms 2012

Sept 16 2009

Many months back Mauricio From the Brazilian Forum had noticed that activating infinity mode for alucard has extra effects on richters game. If you reload your game and use a richter file, the closed gate in the right lake where the ferryman is will be open! This allows richter to visit these areas and open them on his map. The gate opening seems to only work on the actual PSX system and not via emulator. Since that time I worked a lot with Kuraudo and some others on the brazilian forum and many of the worldbeyondwalls members and we finally hit on a method to activate infinity AND Richter special mode in one technique. This works on both consoles and emulators but only the console will activate the gate in the right lake. This brings richters Map to 203.0%

Infinity and Richter Special Mode

April 29 2009

Congratulations to Kuraudo from the Brazilian Forum for his 3 new rooms found for richters game. All 3 are outside the castlekeep and all can be completed in one quick technique. These are the same Half/Invisible rooms that alucard can get in his game and is nearly the same method. Check the video for the method to obtain the rooms. This works for the USA version and should work fine in japan Version 4 (PSone Books)

New Richter Castlekeep Rooms

March 5th 2009

Since we had a server move and lost most of the storage space i have started to move a good portion of the movies onto Youtube for the time being. My ISP is upgrading the servers shortly so hopefully this is the upgrade I have been waiting for. Go to my youtube page and watch the movies for the time being.

Paledim25's Youtube Movies

October 29th 2008

New Max Percentage found today. Arukado has found a new room to obtain using Mist-UP. This new room is located in the Inverted Caverns in the ceiling of the right lake. New Max Percentage is now 425.5%. Check the new map and the Youtube video.

Arukado's New Mist-Up Room

October 23rd 2007

I was sent an email today from the Associate Editor of They did an interview with Koji Igarashi recently and they were able to speak to him about our community of glitchers. It seems to have sparked some interest with Koji Igarashi that we are such a dedicated group that he may even visit our site sometime. I will be taking some time out in the very near future to do some long overdue additions to the site and make it look a little nicer and cleaner so that if and when he does visit he has something nice to look at.

Please have a look at the interview that was posted on and be sure to check out their site. I browsed over it a bit last night and will look more into it today. Looks like a great place!

Destructoid Koji Igarashi Interview

August 26 2007


New Max Map 425.4%

On June 27th outofthegamer discovered a new tech that involves gaining a level while in mist form would open a room above you. This new technique has enabled us to open 43 new rooms. The catch though is that you will need to start your glitching game over again. You now need to combine a low kill game with a glitching game as you need to keep your levels low since you are limited in the number of level ups you can do.