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Glitch Map with S4R and Sink Catch (453.1%)
Glitch Map No Repeat S4R (409.9%)
Richter Glitch Map (203.0%)
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Symphony of the Night Glitches

Basic Techniques
* Double Heart Refresh
* Double Jump Double Heart Refresh
* Double Heart Refresh Jump
* Wing Smash Heart Refresh
* Sword Brothers Chapel Exit
* RC Clocktower Escape
* IC Clocktower Escape

Inside Castle Techniqes
*Wolf Glitch
*Wolf Squeeze
*Divekick Double Heart Refresh

Outside Castle Techniqes
* Death Jump
* Gravity Jump Double Heart Refresh
* Bounce Double Heart Refresh

Ceiling Techniqes
* Ceiling Catch

Edge Travel Techniques
* Wall Grab

Map Shifting Techniques
* Castlekeep Death Tech

Special Situations
* Entrance Underground Garden
* Third Outer Wall

Misc. Techniques
* Air Back
* Keep Initial Equipment

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Founder: Morgoth

The Double Heart Refresh is the most important technique of all for glitching Symphony of the Night. This technique origionally founded by Morgoth is the basic concept for 80% of all known techniques.

Stand about 1 inch from a doorway and equip the DUPLICATOR and 2x HEART REFRESHES.

Jump towards the doorway and just before Alucard would switch screens, Use a Heart Refresh. Once its going off let go of that button and hold down the button for the 2nd Heart Refresh so that it will activate right after the first. Then switch back to the first Heart Refresh button again to continue to slide down the side of the screen.

Once you see the top of Alucards cape is about half way down the doorway then you are safe to stop switching the Heart Refreshes.

Let Alucard drop into the next room and you will land under the room. Simply use a Heart Refresh to open up the room below your position.