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Glitch Map with S4R and Sink Catch (453.1%)
Glitch Map No Repeat S4R (409.9%)
Richter Glitch Map (203.0%)
Normal 200.6% Map
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Symphony of the Night Glitches

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Basic Techniques
* Double Heart Refresh
* Double Jump Double Heart Refresh
* Double Heart Refresh Jump
* Wing Smash Heart Refresh
* Sword Brothers Chapel Exit
* RC Clocktower Escape
* IC Clocktower Escape

Inside Castle Techniqes
*Wolf Glitch
*Wolf Squeeze
*Divekick Double Heart Refresh

Outside Castle Techniqes
* Death Jump
* Gravity Jump Double Heart Refresh
* Bounce Double Heart Refresh

Ceiling Techniqes
* Ceiling Catch

Edge Travel Techniques
* Wall Grab

Map Shifting Techniques
* Castlekeep Death Tech

Special Situations
* Entrance Underground Garden
* Third Outer Wall

Misc. Techniques
* Air Back
* Keep Initial Equipment

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PaleDim's Videos
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Glitch Hard Randomizer Guide

Things to keep in mind while you are playing

1. During the prologue be sure to enter Dracula's room with at least 41 hearts. Be sure to end with zero hearts so that you will start with 2 Fire Boomerangs.

2. Skip Death in Entrance by using Reverse Shift Line (RSL) either at his doorway or at the room with big rock and mermen monsters so you can keep your equipment (Duplicator)

3. Find your 2nd Heart Refresh ASAP. Check Librarian as it is often available there. There is one in the breakable wall behind where Spike Breaker armor was in the original game. (catacombs after spike room)

4. Obtain movement relics to get out of Inverted Castle Keep. You will need any combination below:

Soul of Bat
Form of Mist + Power of Mist
Gravity Boots + Mist or Wolf or Thrust Sword
Form of Mist + Soul of Wolf (not recommended)
Form of Mist + Thrust Sword (not recommended)
Soul of Wolf + Thrust Sword (not recommended)

5. You do not need to collect the Vlad relics. There are many ways to get into the final area without them.

Recommended Glitches to Learn for Run Completion

Reverse Shift Line (RSL)

Double Heart Refresh (DHR)

Wolf Clip

Toadstool Boost (Olrox Quarters)

Spike Room RSL

Skip Richter

Skip Richter (Bat Only)

Leap Stone Bounce (skull at clocktower)

Library Wall Clip to Soul of Bat Location

Clocktower No Relics, Medusa Head Boost

Skipping Death at Entrance

Various Other Shortcuts

Collection Video of More Glitches

Should cover the following Glitches:
Wolf Thrust (over waterfall)
Wolf Fireboomerang Slide
Sink Catch (LAB)
RSL + Wingsmash to Enter Final Area
Shift Line to Enter Final Area (at Guardians)