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The following are Doug Hembruff's personal opinions (blogs), buyer beware warnings, news & pet peeves on various consumer products, services & companies (not necessarily video products).

We live in a buyer beware marketplace where there are lots of companies selling products that do not live up to customers expectations or advertised claims. Worse still is that many companies just don't care any more about customer support, or telling the whole truth & some intentionally mislead. Greed, larceny, selfishness, stupidity, price gouging & poor ethics seem to be taking over people & the companies they work for. Incompetence seems to abound everywhere these days in every profession & often the buyer bares the brunt of this incompetence. Far too often products & services are not sufficiently tested for design flaws & functionality before they are introduced to the marketplace. Some products or services exceeded my expectations & those are listed here too. These consumer advocate opinions below are intended to help you become aware of possible trouble areas in the marketplace so you can avoid some of the problems I've experienced & to highlight some products I thought were exceptional. There is no need to be stressed or miserable when you've been "put upon" by an organization, you can draw the line & fight back.

If you have information that verifies or disputes my opinions, please email me Doug Hembruff. If you have a well documented opinion or comments about a product or service that might help lots of other people make a good purchase decision rather than a bad one, please post your blog on your own web site, or see the Consumer Advocate links for info about creating a blog site or for other organizations that you might effectively complain to. I would encourage other's to start a similar web page on their own web site. The internet can be a great tool to share information that helps us make good purchase decisions, keep companies honest & responsible to their customers. It can also help us stretch a buck.

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For more info contact Doug Hembruff

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