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Long life rechargeable NiMH batteries & more

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Click on the technical video or audio "how to" tutorial subjects to view them. These tutorials are primarily aimed at video & television producers, but a few relate to avoiding viruses, spyware & spam.


How Batteries Work

Tips on proper use of sealed lead acid batteries

Voltage dropping problems



How To Use a WAVEFORM and a VECTORSCOPE and What Is An Illegal Level

How To Calibrate a Broadcast Monitor

How To Minimize Interlace Jitter In Video

World Television Recording Standards for all countries

Adobe Digital Video Primer (in Arcobat format)

How To Scan Pictures Or Prepare Logos For Use In Video

How To Prepare A 32 Bit Alpha Mask Channel In Photoshop For Logos & Graphics That Are To Be Keyed Into Video Productions



How To Choose a Wireless Microphone System

How To Convert Between Linear & Logarithmic Audio Scales

How Much Audio Can You Burn On a CD-R


Computer Stuff

How To Foil Automatic Email Harvesting Software when posting your email on a web site

How To Minimize Getting Malicious Viruses, Worms Or Spyware On Your Computer

How To Avoid Viruses Using Email Attachment Rules

How To Clean Up A Sluggish Computer if you don't have the option of reformatting the hard drive & doing a fresh install of the Operating System & applications.

File Size Explanations


Older video tutorials

How To Play a VCD (Video CD) On a Computer

How To Get Your Streaming Media Movie To Play Properly

How To Convert Flash .SWF Animations For NLE Editing

How To Make Small Non Interlaced AVIs From Video Using Speed Razor 3.51


Miscellaneous Stuff

Free Video Test Patterns, Utilities, Markers & Effects

Consumer Video & Audio products reviewed

Old Video Magazine Articles & Reviews written by Doug Hembruff

How To Adjust For Proper RGB/YUV Color Space Gamut In Certain Codecs Tutorial not ready yet

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