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FreeBASIC stuff that I've made

These are some projects that I like to work on from time to time. Most if not all should have the source code available for download.

Unless otherwise stated, source is only tested with latest FreeBASIC compiler from SVN, whatever it is at the time.

FB/QB Comparision

I have constructed several tables that compare capabilities and compatibilities between QB4.5, QBasic, the FreeBASIC dialects (fb, fblite, deprecated, and qb) and different versions of FreeBASIC.

See FreeBASIC version and dialect comparison for more information.

FreeBASIC stuff that I've made, but ...

... I have not kept it up to date, sorry, but you might have some trouble compiling these sources. One day, when I have the time, they will work again. (Maybe)

  • Atoms - An atom-like simulator
  • jmgui - In Game GUI
  • Rigid Body Dynamics in 2D