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Rigid Body Dynamics

An implementation of 2D rigid body dynamics using FreeBASIC. Many problems yet to solve. Still in development.

Rigid 2D  -  rigid_souce.zip 36 K

All in FreeBASIC. No additional libraries needed. Program will compile/run under fb.15, fb.16, win32/linux. It supports the following:

  • linear and angular momentum in 2D
  • Collision detection/resolution for object/world and object/object interactions
  • Scene files to describe shapes and objects to be used in the simulation
  • Elastics which can be added realtime during the simulation either object to object or object to world. using the mouse.
  • Controls for zooming/panning the scene, restarting, and deleting all eleastics.

All instructions are in the readme.txt, but here's a summary:

make with `mkrigid.bat' or `./mkrigid.sh'
run with `rigid [scenefilename]'

where [scenefilename] is the name of a scene. Defaults to default.ini if not present. I have included some simple scenes to try out in addition to the default.