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A web site dedicated to the family name of Eacott and its variations, Eycott, Ecott, Eckett, Eccott, Acott as well as a few other less used variations.
by John Eacott
Very few people can point to an exact place and say "This is where my ancestors originated." The manor of Eycot from which all Eacotts, Ecotts take their name was created by a Saxon charter 1,200 years ago, at a place which had probably been a Roman villa and before that a part of the capital area of the Dobunni tribe on the Churn River, a few miles north of Cirencester, England.
This web site contains information about the background history, specific persons and families as well as material of general interest to help understand the people. The entire text of the book is available on line and may be copied in full or in part providing the author is acknowledged.
Copyright by John Eacott.
Each of the selections below is a portion of the Eacott history book. Reading from left to right the entire document can be assembled into a sequential copy. There will be updates and revisions from time to time. I have not included more recent, (last 100 years) detailed information about specific families except my own, in the interest of privacy. This can be supplied to anyone who wants the information by contacting me. I would be delighted to have any contributions from others wanting to have their family background shared.
The entire collection of individuals, Eacotts, Eycotts, Ecotts and others from 1200 to current may be accessed here in Gedcom (Family Tree Maker) format.
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