The Church

The earliest was the association of Simon with the hospital which was likely a religious position as well as administrative.

The earliest direct association with the church is at North Cerney where Johannes Eycot was assistant minister in 1465. Later Thomas Eycott was Churchwarden in 1572. At Bagendon an Eycott was often churchwarden.

It was in later times however that Eacotts undertook the ministry. The most interesting line descends from John then Abraham who lived at Yew Tree in Berkshire in the 1700's. Abrahams son James1805 -1882 seemed to have raised his children in a devoted manner.He was the the Rev James buried at Leicester born at Yew Tree.In 1836 he went to the West Indies as a Wesleyan missionary. His 3 sons, Caleb 1844-1911, James W. 1839-1923 , Jabez 1843-1906 all became Methodist ministers while his daughters Isabel and Brena served as missionaries in India an China respectively. In addition the Rev William Eacott ministered from 1870 until 1907 with the Methodist Church. James W. was buried at Barnard Castle, Durham. Caleb graduated from University College Durham with an MA in 1870. He served as vicar of King's Norton and was curate of the Chapel St church at Bottesford, Leicester.

Another person Robert Eckett was also a Methodist born Scarborough in Yorkshire 1797 but was raised in London He. Died 1862. Robert was a leading Wesleyan reformist and took an active role in the Leeds organ dispute. He agitated for the establishment of the Theological Institute in 1834 but was expelled from the church and joined the Wesleyan Methodist Association in 1839. He planned its foundation and deed in 1840 emphasizing democracy in governance. He played a leading role in the United Methodist Free Church serving 3 times as president. Although he also lived in the north of England as was a Methodist his connection with the Yew Tree branch is not known.

The grandson of James from his son James who migrated to Canada became involved with the Salvation Army. Col. James Clinton b. 1899 d 1981 He served in China with the Overseas Mission, as did his daughter Amy (Homewood) Clinton also worked for a long time with prison inmates in Canada. After retiring he completed his MA in theology from University of Western Ontario, London at the age of 78. His sister Brigadier Emily was also a life long Salvationist joining the social services department in 1929 She spent many years with Faith Haven home for unwed mothers in Windsor Ontario. She celebrated her 100th birthday in 2001. Another Brother Frances was also a life long Salvation Army officer.

Anglican Eacott's include Rev. Henry Eacott who was canon of St. Wilfrids Church in Kibworth, Leicester from 1934 to 1943. This church of 1200 was partially renovated, and a war memorial created during his time and after his untimely death a lecturn was dedicated.

In Australia, Rev. Len Eacott, was ordained an Anglican priest in 1983 in Brisbane. He joined the military reserves and was sent in 1993 to Cambodia as part of the UN forces there. In 1999 he was the Senior UN chaplain and involved with the exhumation of persons killed in mass murders. He also served in East Timor with the UN. He was made Archdeacon of the armed forces of Australia in November 2002. In June 2007 he became the Anglican Bishop of the Australian Defence Force and is a member of the military division of the Order of Australia.
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Church fundings

1902 Stipend of 130 pounds per annum to Rev. Jabey Eacott

1870 West Farleigh, Kent a tithe for Rev. Eycott-Martin.

1655-7 Nathaniel Eycott listed on survey for trustees of Maintenance for Preaching Ministers
He received 22 pounds a year from his patron Robert Long Esq. At Thuxton Rectory, Mitford Hundred, Norfolk. This was an effort in Cromwell's time to address inequities in preachers incomes largely by fining the wealthy bishops.