Notes on various Censuses
Census of England 1891
The following Eacott derivation names were found in a study of the 1891 Census for England
Eacott 258
Eckett 171
Ecott    56
Eccott  50
Eycott  39
Eacot   10

Total  584
No persons in England were known to have these spellings at that time.
Eacutt, Eccot, Eycot, Ekutt, Ekott, Eacoot, Ekett, Eakett, Eakott, Ecot , Ecket
Census of England and Wales 1901
It can be assumed by this time that the spelling of the name had become formalized due to increased education levels. Using all variations which appeared in the records prior to 1901 and some which didn't this is the result of all thinkable Eacott
Eacott   404    Eacotts   1    Aycott   24     Eycott    25
Eckett   204    Eyckett   1    Icott        1     Eakets    27
Eccott    82    Ecot        3    Acot       3     Eacot       3
Ecott     46     Eacret   14    Acott   356     Eacret    14 

No persons were known to have these spellings:
Eacut, Eacutt, Eccot, Eycot, Ekutt, Ekott, Eacoot, Ekett, Eakett, Eakott, Eccutt, Eccot, Ecat, Eacit, Eakett, Eckut, Eycatt, Eycodd, Eycot, Eycote, Eacert, Ecoate, Ecots, Ecotts, Eyecot  Ecute, Ecut, Ecreat, Ecreet, Ecote, Eacot, Eacett, Eyecote, Eyecot, Eyecott, Aket, Akett, Eacett, Eakett.
The Eacott name in 1901 is found mostly in Southern England and adjacent Wales, especially in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Berkshire. The Eccott name is largest (30%) in Hampshire and London (25%). The Ecott name is in Southern England but more south easterly than Eacot, 30% Bedfordshire 30% Essex, 20% Croydon. The Eacret name is Ireland or Manchester and thus may not be a derivative of Eycott. The Eakets are found in Gloucestershire mostly around Cheltenham (90%). The Eycott name is found in greater London 30% and south coast. The Aycott name is mostly in London, Surrey, often in same communities as Eacott.
The Eckett name is found across southern England and the midlands often in the same places as Eacott, however 50% of Eaketts are in the London area.

Of note is the fact that very few of any of these names occur outside the southern half of England.

The prevalence of the name with a likely "EH" sound rather than an "AY" or an "EE" sound as in ECK, ECC, EAK accounts for the accent emphasis that occurs in the useage of Eacott which appears in all soundings. Some using the Eacott form actually say the name as Eckett or Eccott. A simple spelling change lines up easily with Aycott, Acott, Ecott, Eckett and may reflect local accentuation. Eacret may derive from another source than Eycott.
Census of England 1881
This census has more free data than the 1901 census. Thus it is easier to identify family groupings. In 1881 England was at the height of Empire, under the Victorians. It was also the most industrial country in the world.

The examination of the Eacotts from that time show they were largely agricultural or related workers. The second largest group were servants (mostly women). A few were miners, some shop keepers. The industrial workers were varied but railway related seems the largest. The vast majority could have been identified as working class. The distribution of people in the 1901 census was reflected in the 1881. Not a lot of movement took place.

The census included age, place of birth, marital status, street address, occupation, and where living. This is available online (search: 1881 Census England) the records entered by me in the Gedcom file do not generally include street address.
There are discrepancies between the 1901 and 1881 data. Name changes, as Eacott to Ecott, frequent year of birth variations by as much as 5 years and sometimes place of birth differences. Some of these are in the specifics, a neighborhood or estate given instead of the municipality. While there are people who will appear unknowingly more than once in the records there are others who clearly were not recorded in 1881 that were recorded in 1901 and who existed in 1881 and likely the reverse applied in 1901. There seems to be a lot of errors. People who were in my data base prior to the entering of census data should have shown up as matches, but many did not.

The original Eycott Name was no longer found in the North Cerney area, only 18 Eycott names were in the census and in fewer than 5 families.

Name and Location Study
(from 1881 census)
An Analysis of the variants of the Eycott name based on the census material using males born before 1850 and a few unmarried older females gave the following information which indicates the earlier sources of the names:

The Eycott name was found in London and in Stroud Gloucestershire, a few were also living at Aldershot in the 1870's.

The Eckett name was mainly in two localities about 12 miles apart Reading and Basingstoke. 20% on the west side of Reading and 22% on the west side of Basingstoke. London area had 33% of the Ecketts. The remaining families were scattered in isolated places in Berkshire, Surrey, and Somerset.

The Eccott name was 80% located on the east side of Basingstoke within a 5 mile radius. After 1850 there were Eccotts at Shefford near Chaddleworth.

The Ecott name was in several small villages south of Bedford, Bedfordshire and in the vicinity of Cromhall Gloucestershire.

The Acott name, the largest group is concentrated, along the B2015 corridor from Tunbridge
Wells to Maidstone in Kent, over 50%, especially at Yalding. This is a small area about 10 miles by 2 miles. About 15% of the Acott's were in London. 7% each in Oxford and at Maisey Hampton, Gloucestershire. Most of the rest were in Kent. So the name was extremely localized. Among the 9 older Acott men over 60 years( born before 1840) 4 were not born in Kent, these were born in Maisey Hampton Glos, Oxford, and Somerset The Genealogic records and name associations don't generally include Acott as a variant, but it likely is. However, only as a German name does it appear in America in the 1880 census, although German immigration to England was rare it could be a German name confused with Eacott.
The Eacott name is found in more diverse places than the other names, however, 90% of all the names were 5 miles north of , to 15 miles south of the modern M4 highway from London to Bristol. 60% of Eacott name sites were in Wiltshire. 18% Warminster; 14 % Chaddleworth; 8% Cromhall; 8% Wroughton; 14% other Wiltshire places; 10% in Surrey, South West of London. The rest were elsewhere in Southern England.

The statistical base for census records of those males born before 1850.
 65 Eacott;   54 Eckett;   73 Acott;   23 Eccott;   6 Eycott;   13 Ecott.

Before 1800 my database has very few Eckett, or Acott names; Before 1700 most were Ecott or Eycott. Some early names such as Ecut did not exist in 1881 / 1901 census. The fact that Acott and Eckett have very few occurrences before 1800 indicates they were likely derived names, not original.
Location of Family Name Places from Census
Information includes birth place of males over 20)
                  Legend - dots represent relative numbers
* Eacott -Many places                * Eycott - London, Berks Yorks
* Eakets -Gloucester                  * Eckett - London, Reading, Basing
* Ecott - London, Beds, Gl         * Acott - London, Kent, Gl, Ox
* Aycott - London, Beds            * Eccott - London, Basing
There are a few outside the area of the map for example a family in Derby another in Yorkshire.
Note the concentration of names in small areas reflecting a local change. Many of these places had no known persons with these names prior to late 1700's.

Census USA 1880

The Few Acot names in the USA appear to be mostly, not all, of German origin. The Ecott, Eycott names does not appear in either USA or Canada census at this time. The one Eccott family has a German origin. The few Eckett names were also mixed English and German. There are a number of German and Dutch names which are similar which considering Eycott is of Saxon derivation, is not surprising. There were a few Eacott scattered about.

Census Canada 1881

One family group of Eckett, and a couple of isolated individuals and one Family group of Eacott, as well as one father and son were recorded. Both family groups were farming in Ontario.
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