North American  Immigration

Before 1830

Martha Eacot arrived before 1776 (book of Emigrants and passenger list). Nothing further.

1750's a John Eycott was a trader in South Carolina to the Creek Indians. Several references on him.

1782 Hannah Eacoff m. Ralph Pyle in Chester PA . Nothing further

1810 George Eacock was included in USA census for Virginia, A George Eacock, a J.M. and a Joseph are listed on a passenger list as immigrants 1583-1940. Nothing further.

1810 John Eakett was in Sharpsburg Maryland.

1812 Thomas and William twin sons of William and Catherine Engle born South Whitehall Twp. PA . In 1832 Thomas married Hannah Folk , 7 July Longswamp Twp Berks co. PA.
See William And Catherine. Several generations traceable. William may have come from Purton Wilts. And may have been born in 1780 perhaps son of Richard, brother of Charles in Canada.

1830 Charles Eacott settled in Euphemia Township, Lambton County and farmed there.
5 Children, 2 boys John and Henry. See Charles and Margaret. Several generations traceable.
1830 Census of the USA

Richard Eacott was in Stow, Middlesex county, MA [ MA56091227]
Richard Ecott was in New York State
             a Richard died in Orleans Jefferson County NY in 1840 age 62
             perhaps leaving an unmarried daughter Hannah died 2 dec 1859 age 39
             and a wife Maria died 21 may 1872 age 84 both in Dexter Jefferson Co. NY
Richard was in census of NY 1840
Maria appears in 1850 census Dexter, Brownville NY [pg226 nys6a923940]
Maria Eacott was married in MA (1633-1850 marriage index)
Michael at Hamburg, Erie County NY [ pg 141 ny56091226 ]

John B. Eycot recorded in Illinois. Eacott's were living Galesburg Ill for several decades.

Thomas P. Ecotr in North Carolina

George Eacrat in Pennsylvania
After 1830 but possibly present that year
1843 Oliver Eacit married in Rhode Island
1845 Isiac Eacott died in Canada
1840 Census of USA
William at Ligonier Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA [ pg 188 PAs4a799843]
Issac Ecove Ohio
1850 Census of USA
Robert Ecourt PA
Jane Eacott Missouri
Catherine Eacott Missouri
1860 Census of USA
Adam Ecott NY
Peter Ecove OH
Michael Ecreat VA
James Eacott NH
Annie Eacret Indiana
Elizabeth Eacret Indiana
Agnes EacottMA also 1870
Susan EcottMD
1870 Census USA
Emma J Eacott MA
Elsie JuneMA
Eliza EacottMA
Henry JMA also Civil war records
John EkettMA
Louisa D. EcottMA
Mary A. EacottMA
Matthew EacottMA
1880 Census USA
Jones Eycroft Illinois
Sarah EacottTexas Browswood p 372 TX2844
Cale EacottOH
Calib EacottCO
John Eycott was a licensed trader in South Carolina in 1750-54. He traveled into Creek territory now Tennessee and carried on trade. [Colonial Records of South Carolina] He was married to Mary Jeys in South Carolina July 29, 1742. It is not known if she was a native American. John may have been originally from Cirencester. He appears several times in South Carolina records. South Carolina kept detailed records of trading commencing in 1710.
By 1830 Eacotts were living in Canada and the United States. None were recorded in 1790 in the first US census. Charles Eacott settled in Ontario as a pioneer farmer in 1830.Charles, who was born in Wiltshire had taken up a crown land grant issued by Thomas Talbot in Lambton Co.Euphemia Twp, Ontario. He may have lived in USA for a time since Talbot made him swear an oath of allegiance. As a settler he had to clear a portion of his land each year, build a cabin and maintain the road in front of his property. He married a neighbour's girl, Margaret McCabe a settler from Ireland in 1835. He was mustered in 1837 in the Kent Militia as a militiaman at a time when a failed rebellion in the colony resulted in a need to round up the perpetrators. As a paid volunteer in Captain William Kerry's Company he signed for his 1pound 17 Shillings and 4 pence. He signed as Charles Ecot. The action of the group was to go to the St Clair River where a rebel attack was expected. They spent the night at a farm near Dresden. A rebel party stopped at the same farm and a skirmish ensued and Kerry was shot and subsequently died. There were 31 in the company, 9 officers and 22 privates including Charles. Charles may have had a brother in USA.
Isiac and his wife Eliza came to Ontario from Britain in 1845. At the same time Samuel and Fanny Eacott were living in Wellington county, Puslinch, Ontario where they were early supporters of the Methodist church. Sadly three of their children met an untimely end in October 1847.

In 1880 Calib was camped on Rock Creek, Gunnison Colorado.
Home Children to Canada

During the latter part of the 1800's and well into the 1900's schemes were used to send orphans and other children from Britain to Canada and Australia. These were called Home Children. One such scheme was carried out by Dr. Bernardo. Two of the Bernardo boys were Eacott's sent out in early 1900's. Reginald Eacott was sent because his father Thomas, a boiler maker, who left his wife Alice Cunningham, would not support him in January 1902. After a send off with a band, and a train ride to Liverpool and on board possibly the "Tunisian" Reginald was with a party of 100 boys. The crossings were several days and the weather caused rough seas. Once in Canada he was sent to work on the farm of Herbert M. Shaw at Rutherford Ontario. His passage and clothing were supplied by the organization that helped him leave England. He was born 1889 and arrived alone age 13. His English family lost contact with him. Frederick his older brother also went to Canada at the age of 8. Born in 1886 he sailed on the S.S. Laurentian destined for Toronto. Their brother William Henry was born Jan 27 1900 in England and said he never knew about his older brothers.

What makes this story particularly poignant are the circumstances of Alice Cunningham the children's mother. Her grandfather was first lord of the admiralty and her parents were well to do. Her mother was an educated woman who was fluent in French. Thomas her husband was a boilermaker's journeyman was comfortable as he owned two rows of Terrace Houses in Swindon. When Alice married Eacott she was disowned for her actions and as he proved a poor father and left her she was reduced to being a charwoman while raising 7 children. Rhe Eldest had to fend for themselves after the divorce. Such was the nature of the Victorian mind. The children were simply cast aside.

Others Bernardo children were Charles Eacott b. 1890 sailed on the S.S. Cambroman in 1900 age 10. Frances Eacott a girl of 9 b. 1903 sailed on the S.S. Virginian in 1912. William Eacott b.1905 age 7 also sailed on the Virginian in 1912 perhaps with his sister. Fred Eycott age 15 b 1878 sailed 1893 on the S.S. Sardinian to Montreal. Each of these children were considered a burden to the mother country and presumably to their parents.
The following family lines are documented in North America, William Eacott of Westmoreland PA USA; Charles Eacott of Euphemia Twp. Ontario; James Henry Eacott of New Hampshire; Challis Eacott of Canada, Jacob Eacott of Berkshire descent in Canada.  Click on these words.

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