The "New" Red Green Page

Welcome to The "New" Red Green Page, a page created for fans of The Red Green Show.
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Life at Possum Lodge

The show takes place at Possum Lake, a fictitious lake somewhere in Canada (168 Beer Stores north of Toronto, to be exact). Adjacent to the lake is a small village, also called Possum Lake. The local men have formed a club, called Possum Lodge, where they do what men are supposed to do:

The requirements for membership are any of the following:

The leader of Possum Lodge is known as the Head Possum. At present, the position is held by the acerbic, dry-witted Red Green (Steve Smith). At Red's side is his techno-nerd nephew Harold (Pat McKenna), who is now the village's Public Relations Officer. Joining them are:

Viewers of previous seasons of the show will also recognize the following:

Not to mention all of the others living around the lodge, those appearring only in the second season, and the ones that Red talks about but are never seen.

Red Green News

The latest Red Green Show news is posted on the Red Green Show News page. This will include special episode announcements, plus info on Red's feature film "Duct Tape Forever". Be sure to check there, since it gets updated more often than this page does.


Keep Your Stick On The Ice
Chris Odorjan, Possum Lodge member #209