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First Three Seasons Coming To DVD
The Red Green Show October 20, 2009 @2:19pm EDT reports that the 72 episodes making up the first three seasons of The Red Green Show will be coming to DVD in January, 2010.

Acorn Media, who has already released the Seventh through Eleventh seasons on DVD, have now announced that they will be releasing a 9-disc collection titled "Red Green - The Infantile Years: 1991-1993 Seasons". Also included are introductions by series creator Steve Smith, character profiles of Red and Harold, and biographies of stars Steve Smith and Pat McKenna.

The pacakge will be available in stores on January 26, 2010, with a suggested retail price of $99.99 ($124.99 in Canada).

The Red Green Story
The Red Green Show September 14, 2009 @12:31am EDT

The Comedy Network in Canada will be airing a new, one-hour special at 8:00pm ET/PT on Sunday, September 20, 2009. Titled "The Red Green Story: We're All In This Together", it details the struggles, successes and creativity being the Red Green Show. Included are highlight clips and interviews with castmembers from the series that ran for 15 years, surpassed only by The Simpsons in comedic longetivity.

Season 10 DVD This Fall
The Red Green Show June 8, 2008 @10:21pm EDT

The release rate of Red Green complete season DVDs picks up the pace this fall with the release of Season 10 on DVD. The three-disc set comes out September 16 and contains all 19 episodes of the 2000-2001 season, including A Merry Red Green Christmas.


One of Red's many mottoes is "spare the duct tape, spoil the job." So when the lodge actually runs out of duct tape in one of these episodes, chaos ensues. In the complete 10th season of the public television hit's 15-year run, Winston searches for a wife, Dalton tries not to cross his wife, and Red does what he does best: turn junk into wild inventions that defy common sense. He also plays host to a foster child, 500 visiting Americans, meddlesome network executives, and Dalton's emu ranch.

Season 9 on DVD
The Red Green Show February 25, 2008 @9:14am EST

"The Red Green Show: 1999 Season" (aka. Season 9) comes out officially on DVD tomorrow, February 26, 2008. This season included Harold's move to the Big City (due to Pat McKenna's other job as Marty on Traders) and Red's attempts to bring the Lodge to Harold. Among the usual Canadian actors who appear on the show (aside from the native guy from Dances With Wolves, or that dude who was in Away From Her, or the one who played Lloyd Braun in Seinfeld -- no, not Matt McCoy, the first guy who played him) is Gavin Crawford as Dale the gas station attendant. Extras include... uh... not much, actually. There's character biographies and production notes from Steve Smith, and that's about it. It can be obtained from Red's Store, (.ca), and just about anywhere else DVDs are sold...

Be wary of Internet sites claiming to sell the complete series on DVD: these aren't officially sanctioned and I've heard a few reports of the sellers gladly accepting payment then disappearing. If they exist at all then they're probably from off-air dubs or taken from fan-created copies that circulate on the Internet (these are intended to be free, and out of respect for the show's creators the three seasons that have been issued officially are taken out of circulation).

Red Green On DVD
The Red Green Show April 4, 2006 @2:25pm EDT

Do you have the entire "Stuffed And Mounted" collection, and still want more Red Green? Look no further: is listing that Season 7 of the Red Green Show will be released on DVD on May 2, 2006 as The Red Green Show - 1997 Season!

Season 15 Episode List
The Red Green Show November 11, 2005 @5:52pm EST

The episode listings for the fifteenth and final season of The Red Green Show have finally been posted to

Spoilers: most of the episodes deal with Harold's engagement and marriage to Bonnie. There's no description for the 300th episode, "Do As I Do", either...

Steve Smith Named To Order Of Canada
The Red Green Show October 1, 2005 @5:02pm EDT

Steve Smith (aka. Red Green) is among 82 new appointees to the Order of Canada announced by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson yesterday. Other recognizable names include Diana Krall, Catriona Le May Doan, and the late Peter Jennings. A complete list can be found from CTV.

Final Season Gets Cash Boost
The Red Green Show May 18, 2005 @12:21am EDT

The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) has put $99.2 million into 36 English-language productions this year, including Corner Gas, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Trailer Park Boys, and (of course) The Red Green Show. Almost $1 million of this will go towards Red's fifteenth and final season, which has been revealed to be 19 half hours long (presumably 17 regular shows and one hour-long episode). More information can be found in the CBC article and from the Canadian Television Fund.

Fifteenth Season Will Be The Last
The Red Green Show January 29, 2005 @1:28pm EST

In an article in the Winnipeg Free Press way back in September, Steve Smith states that he plans to leave the Red Green Show at the end of its fifteenth season. "When I finish next season, it'll be the end of my 15th year, my 300th episode and a month later I'll turn 60," he says.

Red Returns For Fourteenth Season
The Red Green Show September 30, 2004 @11:18am EDT

The Red Green Show returns on October 1, 2004 for the premier of its fourteenth season! The eighteen new episodes will include the regular characters from last season, including Rick Green as Adventurer Bill and Pat McKenna as Red's nerdy nephew Harold. Red will also introduce a new segment called Hobby Shop, where guests present their hobbies -- including ubiquitous Canadian comic Colin Mochrie as a character who makes folk art out of wieners (I hope they mean hot dogs). There will also be a new Christmas show this season. Check it out Fridays at 9pm on CBC!

Studio Tapings Almost Full
The Red Green Show August 18, 2004 @10:35am EDT

Tickets for studio tapings for the 14th season of Red Green are going fast; every Saturday night taping is full, but there's still plenty of tickets for Wednesday tapings available! And people attending Wednesday night tapings are entered into a draw for a DeWalt power tool! See the Studio Tapings Ticket Line for more details!

Green Light For Season 14
The Red Green Show May 28, 2004 @6:47pm EDT

CBC released their fall schedule yesterday, and The Red Green Show is on the list! According to The Canadian Television Fund, Red will be back for 18 more episodes (production numbers 264-281) in his 14th season!

Hindsight Is 20/20
The Red Green Show March 6, 2004 @8:16pm EST

It's time for yet another PBS pledge drive; this year, Red will be featured in "Red Green's Hindsight Is 20-20", a special celebrating 25 years of Red Green on television. Even though The Red Green Show is "only" in its thirteenth season, Steve Smith portrayed Red Green during the 195-episode, nine-year run of Smith & Smith that began in 1978.

Check your local PBS station for air times!

The Red Green Show, Back With 18 New Episodes
The Red Green Show October 7, 2003 @1:31pm EDT

The thirteenth season of The Red Green Show premieres Friday, October 24, 2003 at 9:30pm on CBC. Expect Red's nerdy nephew Harold to be back this season, along with more of Winston's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services ads, and Ranger Gord's educational films. There will be 18 new episodes this season, and there's been rumours that Rick Green (aka. Bill Smith) will return for six "Adventures With Bill". See Red's webpage and the site at CBC for more details and air times.

Vote Red Green!
The Red Green Show August 25, 2003 @9:35am EDT

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television has setup a contest called "People's Choice for Favourite Comedian" for the 2003 Gemini Awards on their website. Several cast members from The Red Green Show are in consideration for the award, including Jeff Lumby (Winston Rothschild), Patrick McKenna (Harold Green), Wayne Robson (Mike Hamar), and Steve Smith (Red Green). Go to the Academy's website to enter your vote for your Favourite Comedian for the 2003 Gemini Awards!

Adventurer Bill Returns In Season 13
The Red Green Show July 11, 2003 @1:29am EDT

Just in time for The Red Green Show's lucky 13th season, the CBC reports that series co-creator Rick Green will be returning as Adventurer Bill for six episodes this year. Also, famous Canadians will be inducted as honourary charter members of Possum Lodge, starting with Charlie Farquharson (aka. Don Harron). See the article on CBC's website for more information on these and other changes coming this year.

Red Green Funding Crisis Averted
The Red Green Show May 7, 2003 @1:49pm EDT

In February, the Canadian government announced their latest budget, which cut funding to the Canadian Television Fund by $25 million. This placed several television productions that rely on the fund in jeopardy, including "The Red Green Show". However, yesterday it was announced that funds have been reallocated and many of the programs can be saved. Among them are shows such as CTV's "The Eleventh Hour", CBC's "An American In Canada" (produced by Steve Smith's S&S Productions), and of course "The Red Green Show".

For a detailed and complex explantion of the CTF's deal, check articles from CBC News, The Toronto Star, and (of all places) The Fort Frances Times. There is also a list of shows on the CTF's website that will receive funding through the Equity Investment Program of the CTF.

Duct Tape Forever on PBS
The Red Green Show March 1, 2003 @12:59am EST

According to this week's issue of TV Guide, Red Green's first movie Duct Tape Forever is airing tonight on at least two PBS stations in my area (WQLN at 10:00pm and WXXI at 9:30pm). It looks like this is part of the annual March pledge drive on PBS, so check your local listings at (it's probably listed as either "Red Green Duct Tape '03" or "Duct Tape Forever").

Update (March 1, 2003 @1:16pm EST): For fans in Iowa, Duct Tape Forever airs tonight at 9:30pm, Saturday March 8 at 12:00pm, and Saturday March 15 at 11:00pm on IPTV.

Season 12 Begins October 18
The Red Green Show October 15, 2002 @3:06pm EDT

All Red Green viewers in Canada take note! The new season begins this Friday, October 18, 2002 on CBC. The show is a half-hour long and airs right after Royal Canadian Air Farce, so check your local listings for details!

Red on CBC Comedy Homecoming
The Red Green Show August 27, 2002 @11:30am EDT

Canadian viewers (and American ones who receive the CBC) should check out "CBC's All-Star Comedy Homecoming" on September 8, 2002. One of the many Canadian comedians featured on the hour-long special is Steve Smith, more commonly known as Red Green. The Red Green Show has aired on CBC since 1997. Check my other article, CBC Celebrates 50 Years of Television for more information, and CBC's Homepage for air times.

Update (September 5, 2002 @6:20pm EDT): The All-Star Comedy Homecoming is now 90 minutes long, instead of 60. See this article for details.

Duct Tape Forever on DVD
The Red Green Show August 19, 2002 @11:32pm EDT

Red Green's first movie, Duct Tape Forever, was released on DVD last week! The movie is also out on VHS, and can be found in most video stores across Canada for sale and for rent. The release includes commentary by Steve Smith, the PBS special "Red Green Goes To Hollywood", and several other features.

American fans who can't find a place that sells the disc and/or tape should note that DVDs released in Canada are region 1 and can be played on most DVD players sold in the USA, so you can always buy it from a Canadian source (online or otherwise).

Red has also been touring America and has brought the movie with him! Check for dates in a city near you!

First Reviews of Duct Tape Forever
The Red Green Show April 12, 2002 @3:56pm EDT

Instead of studying, I've spent most of the afternoon pouring over reviews of Duct Tape Forever, The Red Green Show's first movie. The reviews run from lukewarm to good, but in general the reviewers believe that fans of the show (like most people reading this article) should enjoy it.

Fans Give Rave Reviews To Duct Tape Forever
The Red Green Show April 10, 2002 @12:35am EDT

The first movie based upon The Red Green Show received a warm reception from fans at a "sneak-preview" showing of the film on Monday. The preview was held at a Silver City theatre in London, Ontario, and was hosted by Steve "Red Green" Smith. Smith has been hosting previews across Canada for the past month, as noted on the official website of the movie, and is using them as "a thermometer" to test audience reaction to the movie. The movie opens on Friday, April 12 in theatres across Canada.

Red Green himself hopes the public will enjoy the offering. "Look, I saw the film and I got over it so I'm sure other people will, too. Actually, it was all of our fans who demanded that we make this movie. I just hope the two of them liked it."

There was also a book signing at a Chapters in London earlier in the day to promote Red Green's new book, Duct Tape Is Not Enough. In the afternoon Smith also made an appearance as Red at a Building Box to promote Scotch Duct Tape for 3M Canada.

I should have gone to London, which is less than an hour away. Too bad I didn't know that my last university class would be cancelled that day...

Duct Tape Forever on April 12, 2002
The Red Green Show January 29, 2002 @11:49pm EST

The Red Green movie, "Duct Tape Forever", will be shown at Famous Players cinemas across Canada starting on April 12, 2002. Yes, every Famous Players in Canada. They're already showing the trailer before some movies, and there are posters up.

I saw the poster at a Silver City recently, but haven't seen the trailer yet. More info will be posted here (including a review) when I find out more.

Nephew Harold Returns
The Red Green Show September 18, 2001 @4:36pm EDT

Pat McKenna rejoined the cast of The Red Green show before a surprised audience at a taping in Toronto last Saturday. Harold is now the public relations officer for Possum Lake, and makes $60000/year (which, according to the article, is ten times the local average income). He's also shed the nerdy teenage image, and now appears in a business suit and tie. Read more in the article on CANOE!