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Thursday Night At 9
SCTV December 15, 2009 @7:38pm EST

SCTV returns to the airwaves, appropriately on Thursday night at 9, in a ninety minute special titled "SCTV Golden Classics", airing on New York PBS station WLIW on December 17, 2009 at 9pm. Prepared as part of Second City's fiftieth anniversary celebrations, the special features select moments from SCTV including "The Five Neat Guys", "Farm Film Report" and "Dr. Tongue's 3D House Of Stewardesses".

The special will roll out to other PBS stations across America beginning in March, 2010. For more information, check out WLIW's website and PBS' station finder for local air times.

First Three Seasons Coming To DVD
The Red Green Show October 20, 2009 @2:19pm EDT reports that the 72 episodes making up the first three seasons of The Red Green Show will be coming to DVD in January, 2010.

Acorn Media, who has already released the Seventh through Eleventh seasons on DVD, have now announced that they will be releasing a 9-disc collection titled "Red Green - The Infantile Years: 1991-1993 Seasons". Also included are introductions by series creator Steve Smith, character profiles of Red and Harold, and biographies of stars Steve Smith and Pat McKenna.

The pacakge will be available in stores on January 26, 2010, with a suggested retail price of $99.99 ($124.99 in Canada).

The Red Green Story
The Red Green Show September 14, 2009 @12:31am EDT

The Comedy Network in Canada will be airing a new, one-hour special at 8:00pm ET/PT on Sunday, September 20, 2009. Titled "The Red Green Story: We're All In This Together", it details the struggles, successes and creativity being the Red Green Show. Included are highlight clips and interviews with castmembers from the series that ran for 15 years, surpassed only by The Simpsons in comedic longetivity.

Bob & Doug Take Off On Global
Bob and Doug McKenzie March 25, 2009 @6:41am EDT

Bob and Doug join Global TV's already-successful Sunday night lineup starting on April 19 at 7:30pm ET/PT in a 22-episode series titled simply "Bob & Doug". The main characters, voiced by Dave Thomas and Dave Coulier (Rick Moranis declined the role of Bob McKenzie, but continues as an executive producer), work as garbage collectors in the fictitious and stereotypical Canadian town of "Maple Lake", where their favourite hangout is the "Skate 'n' Bowl".

The series will also air on TVtropolis starting Saturday, April 25 at 7:30pm ET/PT and again on Mondays at 11:30pm ET/PT. Full episodes will be available online at For more information, see the press release from CanWest Media.

12 Days Of Animation
Bob and Doug McKenzie December 9, 2008 @4:00am EST

Animation Magazine brings us an animated version of Bob & Doug's 12 Days Of Christmas, adding cartoon versions of Bob & Doug to the audio from the recording on their 1981 Great White North album. The video also features a trailer for The Animated Adventures Of Bob And Doug McKenzie, premiering in January, 2009 on Global in Canada and FOX in the United States.

For the first time we get to hear Dave Coulier as Bob McKenzie. It's easier to compare them since we hear his voice just after hearing Rick Moranis' 1981 recording: it's a bit deeper than Rick's. Of course, Dave Thomas's voice sounds different 27 years later, too.

Update (December 9, 2008 @2:34pm EST): The video is also available on YouTube.

Dave And Doug?
Bob and Doug McKenzie November 4, 2008 @5:42am EST

The Canadian Press reports that only Dave Thomas will be reprising his role as a McKenzie brother in the upcoming Animated Adventures Of Bob And Doug McKenzie. Rick Moranis will stay on as an executive producer, but has opted out of lending his voice to Bob McKenzie. Instead, it will be provided by Dave Thomas's friend and collaborator, Dave Coulier.

The "Other Dave" is no newcomer to providing animated voices: he portrayed Peter Venkman in The Real Ghostbusters, as well as several voices on Muppet Babies. Both Daves worked together on America's Funniest People, where Thomas was an executive producer. Coulier, like Bob McKenzie, is an avid hockey fan, although in real life he cheers for the Detroit Red Wings.

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