BobNET - Who is Bob?

About Me

Good day, I'm Chris "Bob" Odorjan, author of BobNET and everything you find there. I'm from Canada, which should be obvious given that just about everything here has a relation to Canada somehow, and currently reside in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

I'm a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, located in Waterloo (only an hour from Tillsonburg) and named after one of our best Prime Ministers (and the guy on our five dollar bill). I acquired a BSc in Computing (with a minor in math). I also worked at the university during summer 2002 as part of the Computer Algebra Research Group (CARGO), researching computer-aided methods of implicitization and parameterization for Dr. I. Kotsireas.

When I'm not at work, I'm probably playing Doom or NetHack, two of the best games ever made. I also spend a lot of time hacking Perl and C programs and my web page, and trying to keep my computers that are running Linux and OpenBSD operational. I occasionally pull myself away from the computer and return to reality, usually when there's beer involved.

Site History

I started BobNET in mid-1996, mainly to play with HTML and related things like JavaScript (it even had embedded music at one point). It was mainly a links page, without much of its own content (except the Top 11 List); I also posted some essays I wrote for various high school classes here. By 1997 I decided it was time for a change, and needed a focus for the site. The first part of the new BobNET to evolve was The Hoser, Bob and Doug McKenzie's online newspaper, and the other pages quickly followed. Now I've decided to dedicate it almost entirely to the great modern Canadian comedies:

I've been a fan of SCTV since CityTV aired reruns of it in the late 1980's and most of the 1990's, and have attempted to tape every episode since the Comedy Network started airing it in 1999. I don't know if I succeeded, since I stopped taping and still haven't gone over all of the tapes yet. The show is beginning to appear on DVD now, so there's no more incentive to tape it.

I started watching The Red Green Show sometime during its first season; I have no idea why. But I've watched ever since, and have even been part of the studio audience.

Why Bob?

I've used "Bob" as a nickname since the early 1990's (I think; it was way back in senior public school). There's four of us named Christopher, only one of whom used a different name (his middle name). So we decided to pick nicknames for ourselves, and ended up with Bob, Roy, Elroy, and Dave. Surprisingly, my choice had nothing to do with Bob McKenzie; I chose it long before I saw Strange Brew. The four of us still ocasionally hang out, and with our friend Adam (also known as Achkmed) we call ourselves BREAD, after the first initials of our chosen names (sounds better than CCBAC at least, although BEARD would have been cool). We should probably make a homepage, but for now you'll have to be content with our camping photos.