Thursday Night At 9
SCTV December 15, 2009 @7:38pm EST

SCTV returns to the airwaves, appropriately on Thursday night at 9, in a ninety minute special titled "SCTV Golden Classics", airing on New York PBS station WLIW on December 17, 2009 at 9pm. Prepared as part of Second City's fiftieth anniversary celebrations, the special features select moments from SCTV including "The Five Neat Guys", "Farm Film Report" and "Dr. Tongue's 3D House Of Stewardesses".

The special will roll out to other PBS stations across America beginning in March, 2010. For more information, check out WLIW's website and PBS' station finder for local air times.

Eugene Levy vs. The Governor General
SCTV March 12, 2008 @7:05pm EDT

SCTV alumnus Eugene Levy has received the Governor General's Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award. The award will be presented on May 2 by Governor General Michaelle Jean -- just three days before Levy is scheduled to appear on Toronto's Second City stage as part of an SCTV reunion. He is one of six lifetime achievement receipients; others include rocker Michel Pagliaro.

SCTV Reunion
SCTV March 5, 2008 @5:59pm EST

Attention residents of Melonville and the Tri-City Area: SCTV Is On The Stage! Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas are performing together for the first time since the early 1980s at Toronto's Second City stage on May 5, 2008. The performance will feature the famous characters of SCTV, performed by the comedy icons that made them famous. Joining the show is special guest Colin Mochrie (himself an alumnus of the Second City) and Women Fully Clothed, featuring Kathryn Greenwood, Robin Duke, Debra McGrath, Jayne Eastwood and Teresa Pavlinek (most of whom were also Second City castmembers and at least two of which appeared on SCTV itself). SCTV castmembers Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis have other engagements that night, but knowing the significance of the event both are trying to attend.

Dress Circle tickets are $500.00 and include a private cocktail reception with the cast, while show-only seats are $250.00. All proceeds from the event benefit the Alumni Fund, which raises funds to help veteran artistic and support personnel from SCTV and The Second City that are facing health or financial hardship. Visit The Second City's website to purchase tickets or for more information.

Update (March 17, 2008 @12:11am EDT): As of March 17, tickets are sold out.

Update (April 15, 2008 @9:16am EDT): A second date has been added on May 6 after the quick sell-out of the first show.

Dave and Ian Thomas: Brothers Forever Tour
SCTV October 12, 2007 @2:54pm EDT

Dave Thomas is an actor and comedy writer famous for his roles on both television and cinema. His younger brother Ian, meanwhile, is well known for his abilities as a rock musician and songwriter. The two bring their talents together in an entertainment package appropriately titled Dave & Ian Thomas: Brothers Forever. The shows start tonight (October 12, 2007) at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre and continue across Canada for the rest of October.

More information can be had from LiveTourArtists including tour dates.

New SCTV Book On Its Way
SCTV June 12, 2007 @12:56am EDT

Longtime poster Jeff Robbins has written a history and episode guide for SCTV, oddly enough titled "Second City Television: A History and Episode Guide". From Jeff himself:

Basically this is the book I've always wanted to buy myself but which no one else was writing so I wrote it. It is a review, episode by episode, of SCTV's 135 programs with additional commentary on compliations and the DVDs. It traces the first appearances of and the evolution of the notable characters and impersonations (you know the ones). It compares the show's film and television parodies with the original films/shows being parodied. It is a more "scholarly" look at SCTV without (I hope) being dry.

The book is currently available for pre-order at and probably elsewhere, too.

Update (June 21, 2007 @9:35pm EDT): The book is now available from, too.

SCTV On DVD Campaign FAQ
SCTV October 9, 2006 @8:12pm EDT

threerandot has updated his SCTV on DVD Campaign with a FAQ clarifing the position of the campaign dedicated to clearing the rights to the music that was cut from the SCTV DVD's which have been released by Shout! Factory.

He's also added a "Clear The Music" petition, alongside of Justin Pate's No more best of SCTV DVD sets - only complete seasons petition.

Best Of The Early Years Review
SCTV September 27, 2006 @11:53am EDT

As with the previous DVD releases, Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide has posted his review of SCTV: Best Of The Early Years.

Like many, he's disappointed that the full seasons weren't released, and he also remarks that the shows are heavily biased towards the third season (with nothing at all from Season 1). There's also a handful of segments that have already appeared on DVD, as some material from the first three seasons was used to fill space in Seasons 4 and 5.

Bonus features include commentary on four episodes, "Looking Back with Andrea Martin", "The McKenzie Brothers: Take Off, Eh!", and "SCTV at the Firehall".

I wouldn't agree that the 15 episodes of SCTV: Best of the Early Years are really the series' peak moments, but I do think we get a lot of great material here. My complaint is that there's not enough -- I want more SCTV! Picture and audio are perfectly adequate, and we get a few decent extras as well. This is a pretty good DVD for a terrific series, so I strongly recommend Early Years.

Revised SCTV On DVD Campaign
SCTV September 4, 2006 @10:55am EDT

threerandot has revised his campaign to make sure that every episode of SCTV is released with as much intact music as possible, including a message board, a blog, and a guestbook. In his own words:

We need to let copyright holders know that allowing their music on the SCTV DVD's is positive, profitable and worthwhile. They can make an important contribution to a Canadian Comedy Legend!

And he reminds everyone to pick up a copy of The Best Of The Early Years when it's released on October 24th!

The Life And Times Of SCTV
SCTV September 1, 2006 @1:47pm EDT

Unreported here, starting last week the CBC has been airing the three-part The Life And Times Of Second City. Last week's episode was hosted by Dave Thomas and covered the beginnings of Second City. This week's episode (airing tonight at 9pm on CBC, but as always check local listings for details and repeat showings) is hosted by former Kid In The Hall Scott Thompson, and covers SCTV itself. Next week's show will cover the post-SCTV era and Second City's effect on improvisation, and will be hosted by Joe Flaherty.

SCTV August 30, 2006 @12:59am EDT

Due to poorer-than-expected sales of previous SCTV DVD releases, the first three seasons are being represented by SCTV: The Best Of The Early Years. However, the disc set will still contain full episodes, taken from Season 2 and Season 3 including Play It Again, Bob, Death Motel, and On The Waterfront Again. There's more details in the press release from

Get Back To SCTV's Early Years
SCTV June 4, 2006 @7:45pm EDT reports that Shout! Factory's next DVD release will be titled "SCTV - The Best of the Early Years" and will be released in time for Christmas. There's no other details at the moment, although some have speculated that due to poor sales of the previous DVD sets, this will be all that ends up on DVD from the first three seasons of SCTV. Just in case this turns out to be true, you might want to check out the SCTV on DVD Blog and the SCTV Uncut and Complete Petition.

SCTV June 1, 2006 @11:31am EDT

threerandot has started a blog dedicated to securing better releases of SCTV on DVD in the future. His main issues are ensuring that no scenes are cut, and as much music is included as possible (including Stairway To Heaven, for use in The Happy Wanderers and Stairways To Heaven).

This is a result of the rumours that Seasons 1-3 will be condensed into a "best-of" release. As such, he's also started a petition to encourage Shout! Factory to release Season 3 uncut and complete. As long as it includes the Cisco Kid episode, which I've never seen...

The Return Of The SCTV Petition
SCTV February 21, 2006 @11:58am EST

The webmaster of the Harold Ramis Forever website has started a petition to return SCTV to TV Land, where it had been airing for the last year.

This is the only place SCTV can be seen on TV in the United States right now, so unless you'd rather watch Miami Vice then I urge you to sign the petition at!

No Stairway? Denied!
SCTV October 14, 2005 @5:53pm EDT

Jimmy Page doesn't license the rights to Stairway To Heaven to anyone. The clip of Linsk Minyk (Rick Moranis) performing the Leutonian version was therefore left out of the DVD release, but now you can view it on the video page as a result of me pulling out an old VHS of SCTV shows. There will probably be more to come...

Fourth DVD Set Review
SCTV September 5, 2005 @4:53pm EDT

Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide once again brings us the first review of an upcoming DVD release. Check out his review, which points out mostly the same things as his previous ones (plus a hint: the soundtrack is mostly mono, but when it switches to stereo it almost certainly means music was replaced).

Lalawood Film on DVD/VHS October 4th
SCTV August 8, 2005 @12:50am EDT

Martin Short's clueless, overweight interviewer Jiminy Glick saw a short and limited run in theatres, but now you can see him in all his glory on October 4 when Jiminy Glick In Lalawood comes to VHS and DVD! Gold Circle Films includes more information, including theatrical trailers on their website.

Christmas With SCTV
SCTV August 8, 2005 @12:19am EDT

On October 4, Shout! Factory brings us Christmas With SCTV, a collection of Christmas episodes from our favourite show. Details are scarce at the moment, but the MSRP is $14.95. The cover art can be seen at

Update (August 14, 2005 @10:20pm EDT): now points out that the set will include the 1981 and 1982 Christmas Episodes, from the fourth and fifth seasons.

Volume 4 Release Change
SCTV May 13, 2005 @12:43am EDT

Recess Monkey writes: "Looks like the date for volume 4 has been changed to September 13th." No reason or other information has been given yet...

Martin Short Brings Jiminy Glick To The Big Screen
SCTV May 6, 2005 @11:57am EDT

SCTV alumnus Martin Short brings his celebrity-interviewing alter-ego, Jiminy Glick, to the big screen today in Jiminy Glick in Lalawood. Jiminy, created for The Martin Short Show and featured for three seasons on Primetime Glick on Comedy Central, heads for the Toronto Film Festival (which was where the movie was actually filmed) with wife Dixie (Jan Hooks) and twin sons Matthew and Modine.

As usual with recent movies starring former SCTV castmembers, there was no script and nearly all of the dialog was improvised. Several real-life stars have lent themselves (and their egos) to Jiminy's inane style of interviewing.

The movie was written by Martin Short, Paul Flaherty (Joe's brother), and Mike Short (Martin's brother, aka. Mike The Bartender). Many more details (including spoilers) can be found at The Hollywood Reporter article.

Fourth DVD Set in August
SCTV March 25, 2005 @1:04pm EST

According to, Volume 4 of SCTV on DVD will be out on August 2 2005, at the usual $89.95 list price (which means it will probably be cheaper just about everywhere). This will be a six-disc set, so it's expected to include the 12 episodes from cycle 4 and cycle 5, comprising season 5 of SCTV.

The article also mentions that the first and second discs from Volume 1 will be available individually starting June 7 (one year less a day since the full Volume 1 release) and listed at $14.98 each for those not able to shell out more money for the full set (and for impulse shoppers).

SCTV Back On The Air In US
SCTV February 11, 2005 @6:06pm EST

According to, SCTV will be airing on TV Land starting Friday, March 18 from midnight until 2am. No word yet on which episodes will be shown.

Third DVD Set Review
SCTV January 27, 2005 @2:19pm EST

Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide, who has already reviewed the first and second sets of DVDs, has gotten his hands on the third set that will be released in March. See his review, which reflects the same sentiments of the first two releases.

Third Set of DVDs in March
SCTV January 1, 2005 @5:57pm EST points out that both and show a release date of March 1st for Volume 3 of the SCTV DVDs. There's no press release from Shout! Factory yet, but it will probably be similar to the two previous sets, with nine episodes on five discs.

Changes In Second DVD Set
SCTV October 18, 2004 @1:29pm EDT

Recess Monkey has posted a message to with a list of changes he's noticed between the cycle 2 episodes as they originally aired, and what is on the DVDs. As with the first DVD set, almost all of the changes are related to music.

Merv Griffin's trip to the 60s had quite a bit of music removed, and so has Perry Como's Still Alive; however, it seems that a shortened version of the latter sketch intended for syndication was included instead of the original version, and may not be related to musical rights.

DVD Verdict Review
SCTV October 13, 2004 @5:04pm EDT

The second set of DVDs was reviewed a couple of weeks ago at DVD Verdict. The verdict:

Given that they've now released two volumes (to date) of SCTV AND the Freaks and Geeks set, Shout! Factory could probably whack a guy right in front of this here judge and still get off scot-free.

Second DVD Set Review
SCTV September 7, 2004 @1:27pm EDT

Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide, who reviewed the first set of SCTV DVDs, has gotten his hands on the second set to be released next month. See his review, or read more for a summary.

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood Closes Toronto Film Festival
SCTV August 10, 2004 @3:09pm EDT

Martin Short will return to the big screen at the Toronto Film Festival as the always-sweaty, always-unprepared celebrity interviewer Jiminy Glick in "Jiminy Glick in Lalawood". The film also stars Janeane Garofalo and Jan Hooks, and premiers on the final night of the Festival, September 18. Marty will also appear at the Festival's tribute to Brian Linehan, the inspiration to Brock Linehan who passed away earlier this year. More information can be found from the CBC.

Fan Convention Cancelled
SCTV August 6, 2004 @6:06pm EDT

Vinnie writes in an article on that the fan gathering planned for November has been cancelled since there were too few deposits made to cover the costs of the convention. The mailing list will remain open, just in case someone else wants to plan another convention in the future.

Rick Moranis Speaks!
SCTV August 6, 2004 @5:29pm EDT

In an interview in this month's issue of Sound And Vision Magazine titled "An Hour with SCTV's Rick Moranis" (in a web exclusive available at, Rick ends several years of silence by discussing everything from Gerry Todd ("Catherine O'Hara always gave me credit for inventing MTV"), and the McKenzie Brothers to music downloading.

Second Set of DVDs in October
SCTV July 25, 2004 @8:37pm EDT

Matt Kozlowski writes on that the second set of SCTV DVDs, comprised of the tenth through 18th episodes of SCTV Network 90 (listed as Season 4, Cycle 2 in Dave Thomas's book) will be released on October 19, 2004, just in time for Christmas. The episodes that will be on the set are listed at The SCTV Guide, and extras include "Larger Than Life: The Norman Seeff Photo Sessions", "SCTV Remembers, Pt. 2", "The SCTV Writers", "The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers", "A Behind-The-Scenes Photo Gallery", "SCTV At The 1982 Emmy Awards", and another 24-page booklet. The set has a suggested retail price of $89.98 (the same price as the first set, even though I've never seen it sold for that, even in Canadian dollars). Details can be found at, which also points out that the third set of DVDs is tentatively scheduled for February, 2005.

SCTV Fan Convention in November
SCTV June 28, 2004 @1:25pm EDT

With the recent release of the first DVD set there's been a lot of talk recently on about an unofficial fan convention in Las Vegas in the fall. Vinnie B is one of the organizers and writes:

The idea for an informal and unofficial fan convention is gaining momentum and I am helping organize the event. Right now it looks like Las Vegas will be the host city and it will happen the weekend of Nov 13th, 2004. Folks will probably roll in Friday the 12th and the fun will continue into the Sunday the 14th.

I have set up a website with some preliminary information, and an email list. Please visit the site and subscribe to the email list for more information and to get updates on the event.

In order to work with our travel agent, ALL-TRAVEL in Los Angeles, to book a block of rooms we need to get a grasp of how many people will attend and to get small deposits to secure the rooms. More info on the website and email list, so please visit and check it out.

Yet Another DVD Review
SCTV June 1, 2004 @12:02am EDT

DVD Verdict now has a review of the Volume 1 DVD set, written by Bill Gibron. Most of his review is actually an overview of SCTV; there's little discussion of the DVD itself until about half-way down the page. Another fan of the show from its original run, he praises the acting and story (giving them full marks), and considers the show part of the "triumvirate of classic sketch comedy (SNL and Monty Python adding the other sides to the triangle of jollity)". The only real problem he has with the set is the audio quality (which was still given a 90 out of 100). And if you check the right hand side of the page, you'll notice that it ranks #35 in the top 100 movies of all time...

Shout! Factory is hereby given a special commendation by the court for pursuing and finally placing this deserving classic on DVD, where it belongs.

Volume 2 in October
SCTV May 26, 2004 @4:55pm EDT

Matt Kozlowski has informed me that the second set of SCTV DVDs will be out in October, just in time for everyone to add it to their Christmas wish list. Justin Pate also adds (on that the set will consist of Season 4, Cycle 2, and that the extras are already finished.

Another DVD Review
SCTV May 11, 2004 @1:54pm EDT reviewer Chris Stewart has posted his review of the SCTV DVD release. The video and audio get poor reviews, but Chris notes that "you've probably never seen these materials these [sic] good." He wasn't able to review the booklet since he didn't receive a copy of it with the disc set. He mentions that the only major failing with the set is the lack of subtitles or closed captions. As for the price, he writes:

It's true, that preserving every film score or pop song used in the show does affect the price point of a set, in this case the set was never targeted at casual buyers (who can get it everyday on TV anyhow). This set is for the fans.

Minor Changes to DVD Episodes
SCTV April 11, 2004 @3:25pm EDT

Shout! Factory did an excellent job in securing music rights for the upcoming SCTV DVD release, but they weren't able to get everything. Six of the nine episodes have minor changes, almost all of which are removal of short pieces of music, the rest are changes in the order of sketches. The full list is available at The SCTV Guide.

Individual DVDs from Time Life
SCTV March 29, 2004 @9:16am EST

Starting April 12, each of the five discs from the upcoming SCTV DVD release will be available individually from Time Life. As expected, there will be a commercial -- somehow I think it will look a lot like "Shower In A Briefcase"...

The content of each disc is the same as what you'd get in the five-disc box set, except you don't get the booklet with introductions/episode summaries/tributes. There's no word yet on what the price of each disc will be.

Update (April 15, 2004 @1:50pm EDT): The first and fourth DVDs are available now from Time Life, and when you order them you're given the option to order all five volumes for $75.00.

DVD Pricing
SCTV March 6, 2004 @8:35pm EST

Many people have complained about the high price of the upcoming SCTV release. In an article on DVD Angle, Shout! Factory President Garson Foos provided the reason:

The high price is because of the very high cost of the large quantity of music. We make a very low margin on this in spite of the high price. It's either at this price, or no SCTV at all. That's why it never came out on video.

It may limit the audience, but we're all better off by us doing it this way as opposed to not at all.

Many DVD releases (even recent ones like Dawson's Creek) have replaced the music that originally aired to save costs; unfortunately, in many cases the original music was well-suited to the show, and replacing it just won't work. As an example, look at WKRP in Cincinnati, which won't be out on DVD anytime soon due to the $1 million price tag for the music rights. We're fortunate enough to have SCTV coming out in a form nearly identical to what originally aired on NBC over twenty years ago, and after being limited to the spliced-up syndication episodes for two decades I think that's reason enough to buy SCTV when it comes out on DVD...

Update (March 13, 2004 @3:33pm EST): has the DVD set for $67.49, a savings of almost 25%!

Update (March 30, 2004 @4:47pm EST): Deep Discount DVD has the set available for preorder for $59.84!

DVD Review
SCTV March 1, 2004 @10:25am EST

DVD Movie Guide reviewer Colin Jacobson received an early release of the first set of SCTV DVDs. A long-time fan of the show (he got cable just to get the shows when it aired on Nickelodeon), Colin is in the demographic this release is targeted at.

He admits that it's hard for him to be objective, but he notes that the physical properties of the set are what you'd expect from a late 1970s/early 1980s TV show (a little blurry, sometimes tinny sound, but otherwise pretty good). Apparently there's no subtitles or closed captions, and the MSRP is quite high ($89.98USD), but aside from that he's quite pleased with the set: "I heartily recommend SCTV Network/90 Volume One and can.t wait to check out Volume Two (and Volume Three, and Volume Four.)." His review can be found online at

DVDs in June!
SCTV February 11, 2004 @5:15pm EST

The long-awaited SCTV DVD release will be here at last on June 8, 2004! The first set of discs will consist of the first cycle of nine 90 minute episodes from Season 4, and the suggested retail price is $89.98USD.

As expected, the DVDs are being issued by Shout! Factory, and will include four new documentaries: "SCTV Remembers", "Origins of SCTV", "The Craft of SCTV", and "Remembering John". Also included is the SCTV Reunion from the 1999 Comedy Arts Festival.

More details can be found in the press release posted at, which ends with "Stay tuned for additional releases of SCTV on DVD from Shout! Factory."

DVD Release Approaches
SCTV January 29, 2004 @11:44am EST

From The SCTV Guide:

A release does indeed look to be getting closer, as details on the content are now appearing. The first set is currently rumoured to be Season 4 Cycle 1, 9 episodes on 5 discs, and is to include lots of bonus material, including a 60 minute special on the 1999 Aspen Comedy Festival reunion, along with mini features of cast and crew recollections grouped into "SCTV Remembers", "Remembering John", "Origins of SCTV", and "The Craft of SCTV".

SCTV DVDs on (Almost)
SCTV December 15, 2003 @3:11pm EST

Recess Monkey (aka. Matt Kozlowski) wrote in

Amazon has added SCTV to its DVD database. Don't let the "not currently in production" language scare you. You can put in your email address to be notified when the product is available. It also helps Amazon and the studio track interest in the item.

The link is here, make sure you add your email address to both offer your support, and to find out when the DVDs will be released!

SCTV DVD Release In January
SCTV August 10, 2003 @5:21pm EDT

According to Video Store Magazine, SCTV is coming to DVD in January 2004. The first set to come out will not be the first season as expected. Instead it will be season 4, the first season at NBC (otherwise known as "SCTV Network 90"). "Those really are, I think, the best shows," said SCTV's Eugene Levy. "The show reached its creative peak in those 90-minute shows on NBC."

The problem with getting SCTV to DVD was music rights; when the shows were produced, music was used without licensing. Now apparently all the music clearance issues are settled, so it looks like most original music (and the musical guests who began appearing in the NBC episodes) will be included on this release.

Special thanks to Matt Kozlowski, who's been keeping me (and other SCTV fans) up to date on this for the past few years and will probably have more information (such as the distributor and release dates) to come soon.

Possible SCTV DVD Release
SCTV April 20, 2003 @7:52pm EDT

Scott Carlson writes that Shout! Entertainment has made a deal with Andrew Alexander of Second City to put SCTV out on DVD. Shout! is headed by the founder of Rhino Records, but as the article says, "no other information was known".

Update (May 3, 2003 @12:29am EDT): This was supposed to go up on the site almost two weeks ago, but somehow got lost...

The Second City Website Updated
SCTV March 8, 2003 @12:15am EST

The website for The Second City was updated earlier this week. It's been completely redone using Flash (so you'll need the Macromedia Flash Player to use some of the special features), and so far has two video clips from SCTV!

Second City Presents
SCTV February 15, 2003 @11:59am EST

Starting tonight and airing for the next six weeks on Bravo! is "Second City Presents", an exploration into the greatest comedic minds to emerge from Second City. Tonight's debut episode features SCTV alumnus Martin Short reminicing about SCTV and his brief tenure with Saturday Night Live with Second City Presents host and Chicago journalist Bill Zehme. Marty discusses the evolution of his regular characters, including Ed Grimley and more recently, Jiminy Glick. He also talks about his impressions, especially that of Jerry Lewis.

Future episodes will feature Joan Rivers, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon, Jim Belushi, and Tracey Ullman. Bravo! is available on cable and satellite in Canada, and possibly some satellite providers in the US. More info can be found on Second City's web site.

Another SCTV Air Time Change
SCTV November 13, 2002 @10:35pm EST

The air times for SCTV on The Comedy Network in Canada have changed again, and again the new schedule is pretty confusing. Check the table on SCTV: On The Air! for the updated times.

Letter From Andrew Alexander
SCTV October 29, 2002 @2:05pm EST

For the past three years we've been hearing rumours about future SCTV on VHS/DVD releases, but none have been true. However, JS577 (aka. Justin) just received a letter on the subject with a little more credibility: from Andrew Alexander, CEO of Second City. The full reply can be found here, but the important part reads:

It was hoped that we would have had a release date this year (2002) but it appears more likely that the series will be available in the fall of 2003.

Justin will be forwarding his SCTV on DVD Petition to Second City on December 31, so you still have time to sign it if you haven't already.

CBC Specials
SCTV August 27, 2002 @11:20am EDT

Canadian viewers (and American ones who receive the CBC) should be on the lookout starting Friday, September 6, 2002, when CBC begins its celebration of its 50th year of television programming with "The Joke's On Us: 50 Years of CBC Satire", and later on Sunday, September 8, 2002, with "CBC's All-Star Comedy Homecoming". Both should include highlights from SCTV, which ran on CBC from 1980 to 1982.

Check the other articles on BobNET, 50 Years of CBC Satire and CBC Celebrates 50 Years of Television for more info on the specials, and CBC's Homepage for air times.

Update (September 5, 2002 @6:20pm EDT): The All-Star Comedy Homecoming is now 90 minutes long, instead of 60. See this article for details.

SCTV on DVD Petition
SCTV August 26, 2002 @8:04pm EDT

JS577 has created an online petition to convince Andrew Alexander to release the "complete, unedited and unaltered original episodes" on DVD. I see a lot of old TV shows on DVD with smaller fanbases than SCTV; I think Andrew Alexander might be one of the few people with the power to initiate a DVD release to pay attention to an online petition, too.

Canadian SCTV Air Time Change
SCTV July 11, 2002 @11:53pm EDT

The air times for SCTV on The Comedy Network in Canada changed recently. The newest schedule is pretty confusing; check the table on SCTV: On The Air! for the updated times.

Joe Flaherty to Teach in Toronto
SCTV May 23, 2002 @12:02am EDT

Count Floyd, aka. Joe Flaherty has accepted a full-time position as an artist-in-residence at the Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto. The SCTV cast member will be directing shows as well as offering master classes for the College's School of Comedy. The School has recently been upgraded to a full-year course from a summer program.

Second City Toronto Presents Alumni Week
SCTV May 22, 2002 @10:40pm EDT

Carlie Baxter, Assistant Producer at Second City Toronto, writes that from May 27 to May 31 the Toronto stage will be presenting its second annual Alumni Week. Each night has a different theme; the themes are listed on the Second City's web site.

Some of the famous alumni present are: Colin Mochrie, Robin Duke, Tony Rosato, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Ron James, and Gavin Crawford. As a bonus, the cast of SCTV will be honoured on the 28th with a star on Canada's Walk of Fame.

The event benefits the Performing Arts Lodges of Canada and Gilda's Club of Greater Toronto and will be held at Second City Toronto's main stage at 56 Blue Jays Way in downtown Toronto. Be there!

SCTV Cast Honoured on Canada's Walk of Fame
SCTV March 10, 2002 @2:53pm EST

The entire cast of SCTV will be honoured in May with a "sidewalk star" on Canada's Walk of Fame. They will join ten other Canadian institutions and icons honoured this year, and the 53 honourees of past years.

This year's other inductees include actor/comedian (and Second City cast member) Dan Aykroyd, game show host and humanitarian Monty Hall, rock band The Tragically Hip, and hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. John Candy and Martin Short have been presented with individual stars in past years (1998 and 2000 respectively), and so are the first two people to have been honoured twice on the Walk of Fame. Incidentally, SCTV and Second City producer Andrew Alexander is on the Walk's Board of Directors. SCTV cast member Robin Duke is also involved in the organization.

On May 28, each inductee will be presented with a brass replica of the 2-foot square granite and marble star at the Princess of Wales Theatre in downtown Toronto, just down the street from where the Walk of Fame is located. The Walk was founded in 1998. Inductees must have a career spanning at least ten years, be Canadian born, and have a substantial body of work that has made a national or international impact. More information on Canada's Walk of Fame can be found on their web page.

SCTV Is Off The Air
SCTV December 20, 2001 @3:33pm EST

According to a message Ben A. posted to, the last airing of SCTV in the "Later" timeslot will be January 3, 2002. Its replacement, "Last Call with Carson Daly", begins the following Monday.

It's unknown whether SCTV is gone for good, or if it will be bumped ahead a half hour. Or maybe Daly will get cancelled (he's a host on MTV, apparently).

Fall Video Release?
SCTV August 18, 2001 @9:24pm EDT

Several readers have conversed via email with Second City and indicated that there may be a VHS/DVD release of SCTV episodes as early as this fall. Matthew Kozlowski had receieved confirmation way back in May that a release of the Network 90 episodes was planned for fall 2001. Roy Bragg has recently made contact with Second City Toronto, which hints at "something" in January 2002, which confirms the suspicion that it might occur next winter. My opinion is that seeing is believing, considering the past rumours of video releases.

Martin Short's New Show Airs in Canada
SCTV August 18, 2001 @5:34pm EDT

SCTV alumnus Martin Short's newest show, Primetime Glick, will be airing in Canada on the Comedy Network, starting Saturday, August 25 at 10pm (Eastern; check the guide for other zones). Finally Canadians will be able to see what many on have been raving about. Primetime Glick also airs on Comedy Central in the States, Wednesdays at 10:30pm ET.

Many other SCTV castmembers (including Dave Thomas, who impersonated Bob Hope) have appeared with Marty; unfortunately, not all at the same time.

Canadian SCTV Marathon
SCTV July 1, 2001 @12:37am EDT

The Comedy Network in Canada is airing 7 half-hour (that is, syndicated) episodes of SCTV on Monday, July 2, from 6pm until 9:30. Episodes will include Johnny LaRue's Street Beef, as well as Robin Williams' guest appearance. As always, check the TV Guide for times in your area.

More NBC
SCTV February 8, 2001 @12:48am EST

Many of you have e-mailed me with air dates and other information concerning SCTV's recent appearance on NBC. What it boils down to, is that "Later" has been officially canceled from NBC's schedule, and 30-minute episodes of SCTV are being used in this timeslot until they have a permanent replacement, which could possibly be SCTV. Read on for more information...

The episodes are from seasons 4 and 5 (aka "SCTV Network 90" aka "SCTV Network"), and are very similar to the ones that have been shown in Canada on the Comedy Network since 1999, except for some minor differences in the order of segments. According to Second City's website, NBC will make SCTV a permanent replacement for Later if they get a positive reaction from the viewers.

To help ensure this "positive reaction", and to encourage NBC to air their original 90-minute episodes uncut, contact your local NBC station, or send e-mail directly to NBC. Their web site isn't exactly the ultimate in web design and is hard to navigate. I found no sign of a mailing address or phone number, just the e-mail page. Hopefully the sites for the individual stations are a little more helpful.

And, in case you're wondering, SCTV is on right after Late Night With Conan O'Brien, generally at 1:35am Eastern/Pacific. Check your local listings if you live in a different timezone. Some stations show Conan, and therefore SCTV, at a different time, or not at all, so you probably want to check the TV Guide anyway...

SCTV January 17, 2001 @1:20pm EST

Mike Tomecek writes that "classic episodes" of SCTV will be aired on NBC in the Later timeslot starting on Monday, January 22 and lasting until Thursday, January 25. This is on a "temporary basis", and is probably a one-time thing. Later usually airs from 1:35am until 2:05am, but some stations show it at different times (or not at all); check your local listings for details.

Update: It seems that SCTV will be on for at least the next two weeks (January 29 to February 8), Monday to Thursday, on NBC in the Later timeslot.