Second DVD Set Review
SCTV September 7, 2004 @1:27pm EDT

Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide, who reviewed the first set of SCTV DVDs, has gotten his hands on the second set to be released next month. See his review, or read more for a summary.

He starts off with surprise at the speed at which the sets are being released; only four months (the first set was out in June, the third will be out next February). He then goes on to review each episode; "CCCP1", "Zontar", "Doorway to Hell", and "Midnight Video Special" get passing grades, while he rates "I'm Taking My Own Head" (aka. "You!" on The SCTV Guide), "Walter Cronkite's Brain", "The Godfather", "SCTV Staff Christmas Party", and "Teacher's Pet" get great marks."

On the technical side of things, the video itself looks slightly better than the first set of discs; Colin suspects the source was more consistent since there's less material recycled from SCTV's early seasons. The audio was almost entirely monaural, except for some music which was likely replaced due to rights issues. As with the first set, performances by musical guests sound great. There's no subtitles, but this time closed captioning has been added. Each sketch also gets its own chapter, making navigation easier.

Extras include commentary from Dave Thomas, producer Dick Blasucci, and writer John McAndrew on "CCCP1", and Andrea Martin and Catherine O'Hara on "I'm Taking My Own Head" and "SCTV Staff Christmas Party". Documentaries include "The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers", "The SCTV Writers", "SCTV Remembers Part 2", and "The Norman Seeff Photo Sessions". There's also a photo gallery full of shots from makeup tests, and a clip showing the cast and writers at the 1982 Emmy Awards.

He finishes with: "Volume Two was another good set of excellent comedy, and I highly recommend it. I can't wait for Volume Three in another four months!"

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