Possible SCTV DVD Release
SCTV April 20, 2003 @7:52pm EDT

Scott Carlson writes that Shout! Entertainment has made a deal with Andrew Alexander of Second City to put SCTV out on DVD. Shout! is headed by the founder of Rhino Records, but as the article says, "no other information was known".

Update (May 3, 2003 @12:29am EDT): This was supposed to go up on the site almost two weeks ago, but somehow got lost...

From: Scott Carlson
Date: 14 Apr 17:05 (PDT)
To: bobnet@canada.com
Subject: SCTV news

From tvshowsondvd.com:
4/10/2003  SCTV releases coming
Back in January, Andrew Alexander, CEO of Second City
was in LA to negotiate a contract to get SCTV out on
DVD. Apparently the deal is done and Shout!
Entertainment (formerly Retropolis Entertainment)
headed by former Rhino Records' founder, Richard Foos,
will produce the DVDs. No other information was known.
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