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This is a collection of short video clips from SCTV that I've either captured myself, or have been donated to the site by others around the Internet.

San Franciske

Sid Dithers "San Franciske" montage (courtesy of James Gray)

SCTV Opening

SCTV Network 90 logo, from the video

Opening sequence for SCTV Network 90, part of a promotion for the Volume 1 DVD release

Season 1 Opening

Season 1 "Indian Head" and "Dance Of The Hours" opening sequence, featuring "Dave Thomas as the Beaver!" (courtesy of James Gray)

Linsk Minyk's Stairway To Heaven

Linsk plays on while a stage light falls

Jimmy Page doesn't license the rights to Stairway To Heaven to anyone. And considering this episode of SCTV (which also included Stairways To Heaven) who can blame him? :-) This clip was therefore left out of the DVD release, but is presented here from an old VHS I taped in the mid-1990s from the syndicated episodes.

More clips are available at Karstens Creations!