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Pricemark CFL bulbs that are hazardous

About 2 years ago a working friend and I costed out our savings in electricity, going to compact fluorescent lamps throughout our houses. Considering the then high initial cost, was out weighed by the 10,000 hour life promise, (assuming, from my past professional experience, technical promises are usually conservative). We both have many well vented pot light room fixtures in our houses. He purchased enough for certain rooms at between $ $25 ea. + tax. I shortly later saw the PRICEMARK brand for about 1/2 his cost, and over the next few months, I purchased 12 and also bulk ordered 48 more. There were about 48 15w spiral, 6 20w spiral, 6 15w round globe type, and 2 15w elongated some for immediate installation and some for spares or expansion into other areas. None have lasted over 14 months. 2 failed upon initial energizing (1 never came on, the other flashed and died). Our kitchen uses 7 pot lights on 1 circuit. (Before 75w X 7 = 525w, now 15w X 7 = 105w significantly less illumination but adequate) At least 1 is being replaced every 3 months, and they all have been randomly replaced more than twice. Of these 75w incandescent only 2 were replaced in the previous 5 years, at a cost of $ .97 ea.. Some rooms are illuminated 4-8 hr /mo and yet I have replaced 6 of those 12 CFLs. I returned 14 spiral & 3 Globe Jan. 2004 (the only known western PRICEMARK supplier) to return with receipts for exchange units. 2 of those units also had bad base burns much larger than your picture, and 2 I will be returning. The retailer has agreed to replace all PRICEMARK CFLs I've purchased. 55 to be credited for exchange when they have replacements. Now I have to figure out if I want their "Globe" exchange lamps ? Respectfully, Irv

I have a pricemark 15 watt CF that flared and burnt some of the plastic (see picture below). Model CF15EL/SPIRAL. I didn't know Pricemark had a recall on some of their spirals until I hit your site thanks. Percy

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