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Comments about defective Lights Of American CFLs

The following is an email I just sent to "Lights of America".

To Whom It May Concern:

I have used your Model 2425 florescent bulbs in my home. That is until one almost burned my house down. The bulb was used in a hanging fixture hung over our kitchen table. It's the type of fixture that has a globe that goes over the light. Thank goodness we were home when the bulb malfunctioned. We couldn't figure where the burning, electrical smell was coming from, but finally heard the "sizzling-sparking" sound coming from within the globe. I turned the light out just as the fixture appeared to be about to burst into flames. I see there is a warning regarding "recessed enclosed fixtures", but nothing is said about non-recessed fixtures similar to ours. I would suggest that someone address this issue before some tragedy occurs. The public needs to know that this light should not be used in ANY enclosed fixture.

Gene, Franklin, TN

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