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Safety comments about Sylvania CF13EL compact florescent light

"I just had a Sylvania CF13EL start smoking and got very hot near the base. Definitely a problem as it could have started a fire. This was in a bathroom wall open fixture, bulb was less than 1 year old. I did receive a reply from UL (Underwriter's Laboratory) and they stated the smoking and overheating was a common occurrence for this type of lamp at end of life. I find it hard to believe that they would call this normal. I wonder if this wasn't caught smoking it would have caught on fire. I also filled out a web site with the consumer protection bureau and they sent me paperwork to verify my complaint. Looking at all the bad bulbs I have here, all 4 are made by Sylvania so I won't be buying any more of their products!" 

"Just want to give another report of this light smoking and nearly starting a fire. Very very lucky to be in the room when this bulb burnt out. There is pretty little markings on the bulb for the fireworks show it gave. The 4 venting holes on the bottom are where the smoke and sparks were coming out of."


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