First Reviews of Duct Tape Forever
The Red Green Show April 12, 2002 @3:56pm EDT

Instead of studying, I've spent most of the afternoon pouring over reviews of Duct Tape Forever, The Red Green Show's first movie. The reviews run from lukewarm to good, but in general the reviewers believe that fans of the show (like most people reading this article) should enjoy it.

Louis B. Hobson of the Calgary Sun writes in his review:

If you've never heard of Possum Lake, Possum Lodge or handyman Red Green, you're going to have problems with Red Green's Duct Tape Forever.

You won't have the faintest idea why all those around you are contorted with laughter while you can't seem to get the joke.

That's because the joke is on you.

And continues with:

It's essentially a Red Green Show episode stretched to a 90-minute movie, but with about the same number of laughs.

In his review, Bruce Kirkland of the Toronto Sun didn't hide his dislike of the movie:

Rabid fans of Red Green in Ontario might still like the movie. He's in it. That could be enough. For the rest of us, though, not even a roll of duct tape can patch up the problems.

However, Peter Howell's review for the Toronto Star was much more positive:

A pretty solid movie, as it turns out, one that should amuse casual admirers (present company included) while delighting the rabid fan.

He also considers that "there is a certain warped genius to [the movie]".

"Whenever a man does a dumb thing, it's better not to have an audience," Red Green says in Duct Tape Forever.

I must respectfully disagree with the Possum Lodge prophet. When the dumb things are this funny, they demand an audience.

So if you've read this far, you're likely a true Red Green fan, and should go see the movie. It's in theatres across Canada starting today. I'll eventually get around to seeing it and write my own review, but I still have one more exam a week from today that will have to be taken care of first.

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