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The dead still lie in Glimmer Lake,
their eyes wide open


Glimmer cover medium.jpgNo one now living can tell you how it was to dance in the Glimmer Lake pavilion. You can only hear second-hand what the survivors said, that on a summer night it lilted with music and laughter. It was golden. It was magic.


But that was long ago, before the pavilionís collapse took so many young lives.


Now it stands derelict. Ice crusts its broken arches. On some clear nights (itís said), you can see the faces of the dead beneath the ice of the lake, their eyes gleaming up at the moon.

Stella Macmillan, a sceptic to her core, laughs at such stories. Until she finds herself saddled with a mission: to free three souls trapped by the events of that solstice night in 1926, when a Faustian bargain went awry.

It doesnít help that her backup team are a beloved but impulsive sister and two new friends, brothers who may both be vulnerable to the effects of that Faustian bargain. And that her chief advisor comes to her only in dreams.


Print ISBN: 978-0-9937857-7-1


Glimmer is available as a print book from Lulu , Amazon and other online stores.

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Why a Goblin Postman?


I write books for kids. By kids I mean children, tweens, young adults, and anyone of any age who enjoys a good story.


I write what I love to read: stories of adventure, mystery, suspense, and fantasy. Stories about ordinary people who get mixed up in extraordinary trouble.


Stories, magical and haunting and sometimes bizarre, stories that creep into your imagination and your dreams ó like mail delivered by the Goblin Postman.



Updated March 29, 2016




Book news and awards


image001The Spiral Maze, my first English-language novel, was published by Thistledown Press in 1997. It was shortlisted for the 1998 CLA Young Adult Book Award.



The Bone Flute was published by Orca Book Publishers in 2004 and was nominated for the 2006 Ontario Library Association Silver Birch Award, as well as for the 2007 Red Cedar Award. It was also named one of the OLA's "Best Bets" for Canadian children's books published in 2004.



Chimpanzee Rescue, a non-fiction book (Firefly Books 2004)  won the2004 ASPCA Henry Bergh Childrenís Book Honor award.



I have published two dozen mystery, fantasy, or paranormal novels for story lovers of all ages. Fourteen of them have been published in German by Cora Verlag of Hamburg, Germany.



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Or write to me at 99 Krug Street, Kitchener, Ontario N2H 2X8, Canada


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