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Page updated August 5, 2014



O'Hara Manufacturing Ltd.

Model 1

Ribbon Blender

Stock # URB1AC01

- Used O’Hara ribbon blender
- 1 cubic foot
- Driven by a 0.25 HP motor which runs on 110 volts, 1 phase, 60 hertz coupled to a chain and sproket reducer with the speed controlled via a Saftronics single phase DC drive
- Product contacts parts and dimple jacket are made from stainless steel
- Cover is made from a transparent polymer to allow for observation during blending
- Blender is mounted on a painted steel bench

8 Quart Paterson Kelly V-Blender

Stock # UPK8QTAC01

Description: 8 Quart Paterson Kelly V-Blender

- Used 8 Quart Paterson Kelly V-Blender
- Up to 8 Quart Working capacity
- Product contacts parts are lucite
- Covers are being made from a transparent polymer
- Dicharge is through the bottom apex of the V chamber.
- Will accomodate an intensifier bar, not included.

Used Patterson KelleyLucite 8 Quart V-Blender

Used Patterson KelleyLucite 8 Quart V-Blender

Used Patterson KelleyLucite 8 Quart V-Blender



Jaygo Saturn

Nauta Type Mixer


45 Liters

Jaygo Saturn Stainless Steel Conical Screw Mixer
Manufacturer Jaygo Manufacturing Inc
Year 1999
Model FF-5-MO
Serial Number 2678
Capacity Size 45 L
Current Application Out of Service
Spare/Change Parts N
Manual Available No
Shipping Weight 750 LBS
Runs on 230 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz.

Conair Tempro Auto Weigh Gravimetric Batch Blender

Stock # UB-GB-01


One only used Conair Tempro Auto Weigh Gravimetric Blender. Unit has a 4 chamber hopper. Unit has a regrind feedeer and a GB Series Maguire Weigh Scale Blender. Unit is clean and appears to be in good condition. It was formerly used at a medical devices company.



FKM-600 Liter


Stock # UL600AC01

Littleford Plough Share blender, model FKM-600 Litres, stainless steel contact parts, Jacketed and designed for operation under vacuum. Fitted with high stack. Spare parts available. Last used for metal powder drying. Unit was well maintained and is in excellent working condition.


Click Here to view the video Inspection.


FKM-2000 Liter


Stock # UL2000CG01

2000 Liter Plough Share Blender with polished stainless contact parts, with 4 choppers, jacketed.  

Lab Shear Bar Mixer

Lab scale shear bar mixer. Made by original owner and used for making contact cement. A great deal at US$1,400.00