Expressing myself artistically is an ongoing and joyful activity. My passion extends across a wide gamut from painting aquarelles, to the use of pen and ink, acrylic and calligraphy. Lately, my life-long artistic journey has taken me to electronic media on the world wide web. I have taken to heart that ancient bit of Roman wisdom, namely, "Ars longa, vita brevis," which I have interpreted in my own unique way as follows. The list of venues for artistic expression is so long that life is altogether too short.

Enjoy my passion!

Top paintings:
Watercolour 8"x 10"

Red Poppies ala O'Keefe
Acrylic 10"x 8"

Bottom paintings:
Jim Balsillie & Blackberry
Acrylic 26"x 20"

La joven filipina
(The Young Filipina)

Watercolour 16"x 12"
May 2013: Portrait used for book cover of "On Wings of Love" Stories by Aurea Carballo González.
The book acknowledgement shows Mitzi, the artist, with her other name - Mitos Fernández Schnabel.

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