at The Registry Theatre, Kitchener, Ontario

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Limit of 8 tickets per show, $300 per order. All orders incur a 1% + $0.30 handling fee.

Please note that the number of tickets shown as available may not always be current.

Series Pass (Shows 1-6)

@ $107 each (0 available)

1. Sat. Sep. 23/17 - Matthew Byrne

@ $11 each (0 available)

2. Sat. Oct. 28/17 1pm - Lizzy Hoyt

@ $12 each (0 available)

3. Sat. Jan. 20/18 - Joe Crookston

@ $13 each (0 available)

4. Sat. March 10/18 - Joe Jencks and Si Kahn

@ $14 each (0 available)

5. Sat. April 14/18 - Dave Gunning and JP Cormier (Registry Roots Weekend)

@ $15 each (0 available)

6. Sat. May 5/18 - Shari Ulrich Trio

@ $16 each (0 available)

Fri. Apr. 13/18 - Laura Smith (Registry Roots Weekend)

@ $25 each (0 available)

$000.00 CDN (with handling fee)


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