Royal Canadian Air Farce News

Air Farce Grounded
Royal Canadian Air Farce April 2, 2008 @10:14pm EDT

Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson announced that they have decided to pull the plug on the long-running CBC TV show. The two founded the troupe along with current performer Luba Goy as well as frequent guest Dave Broadfoot and the late John Morgan in 1973. After years on radio and a brief stint on TV in the early 1980s, the show has aired on CBC since 1993. "It's just time," said Ferguson. "We've done pretty much everything we wanted to do. The ratings are still good. I want to be in charge of my own exit."

The show will end with its traditional New Year's Eve special on December 31, 2008 (16 years to the day of the episode that ushered in their current television run) after a half-season of nine episodes. More information can be found on

Four Once More
Royal Canadian Air Farce December 3, 2003 @11:59am EST

From the Farce's Official Homepage, Jessica Holmes, who has guest starred on three shows already this season, has been invited to join the cast of Royal Canadian Air Farce by Roger, Don, and Luba. She's the first permanent cast member since the retirement of John Morgan two years ago. Her impressions include Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton, and will give Luba a bit of a break since she's no longer the only female cast memeber. Jessica joins the cast in time for this Friday's episode (December 5, 2003).

Air Farce Returns For 11th Season
Royal Canadian Air Farce October 7, 2003 @1:25pm EDT

The Royal Canadian Air Farce returns to CBC at 8pm on Friday, October 10, 2003. They follow last-season's hour-long final episode from Brandon, Manitoba with a special hour-long episode from Saint John, New Brunswick. See the Farce's What's New page and the Air Farce site at CBC for more details and air times.

Season 10 Begins October 11
Royal Canadian Air Farce October 8, 2002 @10:29pm EDT

Just a reminder for all the Air Farce viewers out there, the new season starts Friday, October 11, 2002 on CBC with an hour long special. The most notable guest is Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean, fresh after signing a thirteenth hour deal with the CBC (if you didn't get the joke you weren't in Canada last week).

CBC Extends Comedy Special
Royal Canadian Air Farce September 5, 2002 @6:18pm EDT

CBC has lengthened the All-Star Comedy Homecoming set to air Sunday, September 8, 2002 to 90 minutes from the original time of 1 hour. The special now runs from 9pm to 10:30pm, local time. Read this article on CANOE for more details, or check CBC's site.

50 Years of CBC Satire
Royal Canadian Air Farce August 27, 2002 @10:56am EDT

Kicking off the CBC's 50th anniversary celebration is "The Joke's On Us: 50 Years of CBC Satire", a 90 minute special hosted by Leslie Nielsen and showcasing Canada's satirical legacy with appearances from stars, creators, and even targets of Canadian satire. The special airs on September 6, 2002, and is followed by a special epsiode of Air Farce featuring a compilation of nine years of guest appearances by Canadian politicians.

CBC Celebrates 50 Years of Television
Royal Canadian Air Farce August 27, 2002 @10:42am EDT

Canada's public broadcaster, CBC, is celebrating its 50th birthday with "CBC's All-Star Comedy Homecoming", featuring many of Canada's top comedians. Hosted by the stars of the Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the hour-long special will feature a Kids In The Hall reunion, SCTV alumnus Joe Flaherty, Steve Smith (aka. Red Green) and several other comedians who have appeared on CBC over the past 50 years (including Dave Broadfoot and Don Harron). The All-Star Comedy Homecoming airs on September 8, 2002, 50 years to the day of the first telecast of CBC's English programming. The special is produced by Air Farce's Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson.

Update (September 5, 2002 @6:20pm EDT): The All-Star Comedy Homecoming is now 90 minutes long, instead of 60. See this article for details.

Air Farce Season Finale on Sunday
Royal Canadian Air Farce April 12, 2002 @4:43pm EDT

The last episode of the year airs this Sunday, April 14, at 8:00pm on the CBC. It follows the last regular-timeslot show tonight at 9:00pm (note the difference in air times). Sunday's episode is one hour long and includes guest star Colin Mochrie (star of many, many other shows and commercials on television these days)

Air Farce Renewed For Another Two Seasons
Royal Canadian Air Farce April 12, 2002 @3:29pm EDT

A press release on CBC's webpage notes that Royal Canadian Air Farce has been renewed from spring 2003 until at least spring 2005.

The show has continually received one million viewers every minute on Friday nights over the past year when the show has aired at 9:00pm. In previous years when it aired at 8:00pm the show received 1.2 million viewers.