Pics The Hoser
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Say you saw it in "The Hoser"


Good day, here's a picture of us. We'd have more, eh, but we hocked our camera for beer money...
Strange Brew Cover
JPG (360x250, 18.3Kb)

And this one's scanned from our album, eh? Look at Bob, doesn't he look like a hoser? (Take off, you knob!)
Album Logo
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Ok, here's another from our album. Look at hosehead over there. He's really built, eh?
Album Cover
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Here's a picture from the show... Wait! Our show's in colour, eh?
Photo From Album Liner
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PNG (529x376, 90.0Kb)

We're so famous, people do cartoons of us, eh? So, like, how did we become presidents of Canada? Free beer to voters?
Somewhere In The US Education System
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