December, 2001 The Hoser Weather: The weather lately has been warmer than normal. So don't wear earmuffs cause like you don't need them and you won't be able to hear the radio in the van, eh?
Vol. 5, No. 3

Too Much Beer

by Doug McKenzie, Editor 

-- I edited too, eh! -- Bob McKenzie, the other Editor 

BobGood day, and welcome to the Hoser. I'm Bob McKenzie and this is my brother Doug.
DougHow's it goin', eh?
BobOkay, now most of our regular readers are gonna be real surprised, but we drank too much beer.
DougYou drank too much beer.
BobHey, you were sick too, eh?
DougAt least I didn't puke!
BobYeah, well, you almost did. Anyway, tell them why we drank so much.
DougOkay, the fridge in our garage, right? The "beer" fridge? It's hosed, eh? Busted! It stopped working!
BobYeah, something broke down and all our beer started to warm up. There were three cases of two-four in there, and we didn't want to waste them. So, like, we drank 18 beers each, or something like that.
DougI had more, I think.
DougSo I just thought of something.
BobWhat's that?
DougSo who cares if the beer warms up? We could just put a few in the fridge in the house when we want some cold ones, eh?
BobThe one in the house's always been busted.
DougThen what's it doing... wait a minute. Where'd you get this back bacon from?
BobThe garage. It's cold enough in there that it won't go... uh oh.
BobUm... you know we could have just left the door to the fridge open?
DougFolks, our garage isn't heated, eh? Which some hoser apparently forgot, eh?
BobYou forgot, too!
DougAnyway, we...
BobHey, we couldn't leave the door open. The light would stay on, and the beer would still warm up.
DougUh, how do you know the light isn't always on?
BobCause when the door's only open part way, you can see it go off.
DougYeah, but how do you know it doesn't come on again?
BobUm... wow! Hey! You're just trying to mess with my mind, eh?
DougYeah, I know.
BobOk, so we didn't have to drink that beer.
DougNo. But we would have anyway.
BobOh, yeah. Hey, I bet I know why the fridge broke!
DougWhat's that?
BobIt's too cold!
DougTake off! A fridge too cold? You're a hoser.
BobIt might be the reason. You didn't come up with one.
DougYeah, I think it has something to do with you opening and closing the door to grab a beer every fifteen minutes during the day.
BobTake off! So anyway folks, to finish the topic, if you have a fridge in the garage, turn it off in the winter so it doesn't blow up.
DougNo, the beer blows up in the winter. The fridge just broke.
BobOk, whatever. Turn the fridge in the garage off.
DougYeah. Turn it off! Take off!
BobYou take off!

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