June, 2001 The Hoser Weather: All the beer you left outside during the winter has now melted and is flowing over. So now you don't have to water the lawn.
Vol. 4, No. 9

Two Topics

by Bob McKenzie, Editor 

-- I edited too, eh! -- Doug McKenzie, the other Editor 

BobGood day, and welcome to the Hoser.
DougHow's it goin'?
BobOkay, since last month they were showing the hockey playoffs, and we didn't have time for a real topic, so now we got two topics this month.
DougWe do?
DougHow come I wasn't informed of this?
BobCause you were out buying the beer when I decided.
DougHoser. You're not gettin' any, then.
BobFine, I got my own. There's still ten beers here.
DougYeah, you'll be lookin' for mine in about a half hour when you finish those.
BobTake off. Ok, what're the topics?
DougYou make two topics this month, and don't tell me, and then expect me to come up with both topics? Maybe you should have some of my beer. Yours has something wrong with it, eh?
BobStrange Brew, eh?
BobUh... Okay! Back to the first topic. Hockey playoffs. I thought they were beauty. What about you, Doug?
DougThey were pretty good. They ended earlier than last year, which was a bonus.
BobYeah, people playing hockey with skates in the summer.
DougHosers. That reminds me, what'd you do with my skates?
BobWhat do you mean?
DougYou borrowed them for a game.
BobI did? Yeah, that was in January.
DougOkay, then. Where are they?
BobYou mean you haven't had your skates since January?
DougYeah, it's only a couple months.
BobNo, it's been five months. It's June!
DougOh, yeah! Okay, then don't worry about them. I won't need them back until October or so.
BobWhatever! The next topic is Canadian beer.
DougGreat topic.
BobYeah. Okay, I think Canadian beer is beauty, eh? What about you, Doug?
DougYeah, it's the best.
BobOkay. Uh... anything else?
DougNo, is that it?
BobI guess.
DougMaybe we should have come up with a third topic, eh?
BobGood idea. The third topic is summer in the Great White North. I think summer in the Great White North is beauty, eh? What about you, Doug?
DougHaven't I heard this before?
BobYeah. Now it's warm out, so we're going to go sit outside and have a beer.
DougWe do that in the winter, too. The beer stays cold, and since we're Canadians, we're used to the cold.
BobNo, this isn't a topic about winter in the Great White North, it's about summer in the Great White North!
DougYeah, but winter's longer, so the topic should be longer.
BobGood point, eh?
DougSo, anyway, this is a better topic, we should have done this from the start. I got a lot of ideas of what to do in the summer while you're waiting for the next hockey season. Like, you can watch baseball, since Canada still has two teams. How'm I doing for time? I got a lot more things to say before we're out of...
BobTime's up!
DougTake off!

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