November, 2000 The Hoser Weather: The Grey Cup game is this month. Take your TV outside and watch the CFL games in the cold to get the full experience. Drink lots and lots of beer to stay warm.
Vol. 4, No. 2

Spring Ahead, Fall Backbacon

by Doug McKenzie, Editor 

-- I edited too, eh! -- Bob McKenzie, the other Editor 

BobGood day, welcome to the Hoser.
DougHow's it goin', eh?
BobPretty good...
DougTake off! I was asking our readers!
BobOh, sorry, eh? What's the topic?
DougGeez! If you showed up at our meetings, you'd know!
BobWe have meetings?
DougYeah, staff meetings!
BobWe have people working for us?
DougNo, it's just you and me, eh?
BobThat's not a staff. That's just us! You can't call a meeting for two people, and then one not shows up!
DougWell, I can, eh?
BobHoser. We're wasting space, and you still haven't mentioned the topic.
DougOk, this month, the topic is daylight time. Go, hosebreath.
BobThanks. Ok. In Canada, the days in the summer are really long, and the days in the winter are really short. It's cause of the tilt of the Earth towards the sun.
DougHe learned that from Star Trek, eh?
BobYeah. So, to make the days seem even longer in the summer, we add an hour.
DougNo, we take it away!
BobTake it away? Take off! The thing to remember is "spring ahead, fall backbacon".
DougFry up some backbacon, eh?
BobOk, but you're gonna have to take over the topic.
DougFine. Ok, you go ahead in the spring, so two o'clock becomes three, and three becomes four. Stuff like that.
Bob(brushing against grill) Geez.
DougWatch out, that Coleman's hot, eh? Anyway, so then it seems like the sun sets at 10, but it's really 9. And that's called daylight savings time, eh?
BobBeauty. And they have it from the first weekend in April to the last in October. Which is like, more than half the year.
DougYeah. They should call it standard time, and the other one daylight losing time.
BobGood one. They have it all across Canada, so no one gets their TV times screwed up. 8:30 in Newfoundland, eh?
DougThey don't have it in Saskatchewan.
BobThey don't?
BobThat's hose, eh? Why not?
DougMaybe there's too many letters in the province's name, so they can't remember to put their clocks ahead and the name of the province at the same time, eh?
BobThat could be. But probably not.
DougNo, but it was the only thing I could think of.
BobBeauty. So, anyway, the last weekend in October, we fall back...
DougAfter getting completely loaded, we fall back into our chairs!
BobNo, but I mean the clocks, hoser. So now it's dark right after dinner, which is pure cheezwiz.
DougNo kidding, eh? Forget the summer. We need to add an hour in the winter, just so it's not as dark after you eat.
BobGood idea, eh? I'll write to my Member of Parliament, and have him make it illegal to be dark right after dinner.
DougIs that a great law, or what?
DougTake off!

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