June, 2000 The Hoser Weather: Summer's just around the corner. The Beer Store's just around the corner. Go stock up on beer.
Vol. 3, No. 9

Backbacon and Beer Sandwiches

by Doug McKenzie, Editor 

-- I edited too, eh! -- Bob McKenzie, the other Editor 

BobOkay, good day, welcome to the Hoser.
DougHowzit goin', eh?
BobToday the topic is food. Go, hoser.
DougOk, eh? Food is good, unless it's liver or Cheez Whiz. Then it's bad.
BobThat's it?
DougYeah. That's the topic for today...
BobNo, take off! We're not done yet! What if you're loaded? Can you eat liver or Cheez Whiz then?
DougI've never had enough alcohol in me to make me eat liver or Cheez Whiz.
BobGee, that's really saying something.
BobSo you don't like liver?
BobAnd you don't like Cheez Whiz?
DougNo way, eh?
BobThen what do you like?
DougBackbacon, what else?
BobI know that, and I think all the readers know that. What other things do you eat?
DougWell, occasionally, I enjoy a chicken cordon Swiss, in a light rose sauce, with a lightly buttered asparagus on the side.
DougDid I just say that? Neat.
BobI don't know what you said. I just eat backbacon sandwiches.
DougYeah, but we were talking about things other than backbacon.
BobI know. A backbacon sandwich is different, since you've got bread and some mustard on it, eh?
DougOh, I didn't know you were talking about plain backbacon, I thought you meant all backbacon.
BobNo, you got it wrong.
DougWell, then you're a hoser.
BobI'm a hoser? You're a hoser squared!
DougYou're a hoser times infinity, you nobk!
BobTake off.
DougOk, so if you were talking about other things with backbacon in them, I like backbacon and beer.
BobIn a sandwich?
DougNo, separate.
BobWell, what about the time you put the backbacon on the bread, then poured beer over top?
DougI was loaded!
BobYou're loaded now!
DougWell, then maybe I'll make another one. I remember it being pretty good, eh?
BobOk, folks. While my brother makes himself puke again...
DougOh, that's right. I threw up after eating that one. Maybe it was the backbacon.
BobMaybe it was the fifteen beers you had before.
DougNaw, couldn't be.
BobAnyway, Doug's going to puke sometime today, and you probably don't want to see it, so good day.
DougGood day, eh? Hey, what about the time you ate a coffee sandwich, eh?
BobWell, that was different. I wasn't loaded.
DougYou were, eh? On coffee.
BobTake off!

Action Figures

BobGood day. It's a very good day, cause McFarlane Toys is making action figures based upon us, eh?
DougWell, I'm an action figure. Bob's just one of the props, eh?
BobTake off.
DougMore information can be found here, and there's some pictures here, eh?

Strange Brew 2 News

Good day, eh? Any news about our new movie, our action figures, and, like, anything else about us will be posted on our News page before we put it here, eh? So, like, maybe you want to bookmark it, or something, so you'll know, like, which beer stores to go to, eh?

Back Issues

Ok, we got ourselves a server to put back issues on, but we're too cheap to get full time internet access. So, try out The Hoser Back Issues Site, and, like, if they don't work, try again later. That's what happens when you spend more money on beer than on internet. And that's the way it should be, too, eh?

SCTV Reruns

Howzit goin'? They're still showing SCTV in Canada on The Comedy Network, eh? And sometimes on NBC in the USA, too. Go to the SCTV page for more information, eh?