September, 2000 The Hoser Weather: The weather will start to get cold, since fall begins this month. But it's still too warm to play hockey, so you don't have to clean out your equipment yet.
Vol. 3, No. 12

Canadian Beer Vs. Other Beers

by Doug McKenzie, Editor 

-- I edited too, eh! -- Bob McKenzie, the other Editor 

BobGood day, welcome to the Hoser.
Doug(Chugging beer) Mmf?
BobOh, good one, eh?
DougSorry, I was drinking a beer, start over!
BobNo, we can't start over. Besides, that's our topic.
DougStarting over?
BobNo. Geez. Beer, you nobk!
DougHaven't we done that one?
BobNo, this one's about Canadian beer and other beers.
DougUh, we've done that one too.
BobNo we haven't!
DougOk, if you say so. I'll just let you do all the talking, since you're an expert, eh?
BobTake off. Ok, today the topic is Canadian beer versus other beers.
DougOther beers suck! Just drink the Canadian-brewed stuff, and you'll be okay.
BobI thought you were going to let the expert talk.
DougYeah, but there isn't one here!
DougActually, having tried every single type of beer made, I think we're experts by now.
BobYeah, good point. We all know that Canadian beer tastes better, and has more alcohol...
DougBut you can't taste it. If you could, then it would suck.
BobYou'd suck it down if it was the only thing there, hosehead.
DougOk, so would you, though.
BobOkay, maybe. Let's talk about foreign beers.
DougLike American beer?
BobNo, like stuff made overseas.
DougMexican beer? If you have to drink it with a lime, it isn't beer.
BobMexico's not overseas, is it?
DougYeah, look at this map behind us.
BobWha? We're doing The Hoser, eh? Not the Great White North.
DougOkay, pretend there's a map behind us. See between Florida and Mexico?
BobYeah, that's the Gulf of Mexico.
DougGood one. I see you've been studying your geography. Have you been using our beer money to pay for night school?
BobNo way, eh?
DougAnyway, there's the Gulf of Mexico between us and them. So that's why they're overseas.
BobOkay, eh? I was thinking of Europe and stuff.
DougYeah, the French have beer. They make it with grapes and call it wine.
BobTake off. What about German beers?
DougI can't remember. Oktoberfest was almost a year ago.
BobYou forget what happened last night.
DougWhat did happen last night?
BobYou got loaded and fell asleep.
DougSame thing we do every night.
BobYeah. Okay, that covers overseas and Europe and Mexico. Now we can talk about American beers.
DougThey like to drink lite beer. All the water in North America is either in the Great Lakes or American lite beer.
BobOnly there's more of it in the beer.
DougYeah. Not like Canadian lite beers.
BobThey don't make lite beers in Canada, eh?
DougYeah, they do.
BobThey do?
DougWell, what else are you supposed to drink at breakfast?
BobGood point, eh?
DougYeah. I believe it only has 4-and-a-half percent alcohol.
BobGeez. I think that's the same as regular beer in the States.
DougCould be. Down there, their lite beer is something like 2 percent.
BobOkay, that explains why they have to drink so much to get the same effect.
DougThey drink a lot? You just finished that case off!
BobI finished it, but you had most of them! For breakfast, too!
DougOkay, I was thirsty. Good thing it was a lite beer.
BobYou're a hoser.
DougYou're a hoser.
BobYou're a bigger hoser.
DougYou're a big idiot.
BobTake off!

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