The Two Witnesses

There has long been great interest and controversy about God's end-time "Two Witnesses." Who are they? What are they? Are they around somewhere right now? What will be their purpose? What does The Bible actually say about those two end-time prophets of God who are symbolically referred to as "the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth"?

Using the Revised Standard Version (RSV), we read of them in Revelation 11:3-13:

So, what do we know about God's two witnesses?

Perhaps the most amazing fact about the two witnesses is, despite their clearly and without doubt being sent directly by God, their message, and they themselves, will not be well received. One can only imagine the reason for this being that the end-time world will have sunk so low into deception and depravity that anything good and true will be widely rejected by the overwhelming majority. True Christian people on the other hand will recognize them for who they are, and welcome both them and their message.

As for the identity of the two witnesses, we need not be too concerned about how to know who they are when the time comes. When they begin their very powerful ministry, they will be "headline news" every day, all around the world, for 3½ years - and as the Scriptures make very plain, those who don't want to get barbecued will do very well not to try to harm or interfere with them.

Fact Finder: What two humans during Bible History, who were also given various miraculous powers, including over plagues and the weather, were the Old Testament's version of the "two witnesses"?
Exodus 7:1-5
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