The Return Of Jesus Christ

For the past nearly 2,000 years, there has been an ongoing debate regarding the Return of Jesus Christ. Many believe that He will literally return, exactly as The Bible says that He will, perhaps even within the lifetime of those alive today. Others have come to their own opinion, apart from what the Scriptures plainly say, and believe that the Return of Christ will not be an actual physical event, but was meant symbolically somehow. And others have decided, for themselves, that the existence of the Christian church (or in reality, hundreds of conflicting churches calling themselves Christian) serves the same purpose.

What does the Bible actually say about it? What does Prophecy actually say about it? What did Jesus Christ Himself actually say about it?

Jesus Christ Is Going To Actually Return

Fact Finder: Will the time of The Return of Jesus Christ be filled with great distress and tribulation in the world?
Matthew 24:21
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