Signs In The Heavens

Christians are naturally interested in heaven. Many rightfully look forward to going there eventually, according to God's plan and schedule. But what exactly, or where exactly, is heaven?

The term we know as heaven is the English translation of the original two words in the Bible. The Hebrew word in the Old Testament is pronounced roughly shaw-may, and the Greek word in the New Testament is pronounced roughly, oo-ran-aws. Both mean the same thing - either the sky, or the outer space above it, depending on the context of what the writer was talking about. Sky or space are quite accurate modern substitutes for heaven.

If you happen to be someone interested in Astronomy, the years ahead are going to provide you with many interesting observing sessions. No one, in fact, will miss it. There is a lot about to happen up there.

Some coming attractions:

Fact Finder: In which direction did the "star" of Bethlehem rise?
(a) north (b) south (c) east (d) west
Matthew 2:2

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