What Is A Saint?

There are a great many opinions in answer to the question, "What is a saint?" Different church organizations and denominations, as well as individual Christian-professing people, have a wide variety of interpretations. Are saints just certain holy people from the distant past of Bible History, or are there also saints alive today? How do people become saints? Does any human religious leader have the right to decide who God's saints are, or does God alone decide and make it possible?

The original Bible words that have been translated to the English word saint are found through the entire Old and New Testaments. Saints did not originate at the time of the earthly life of Jesus Christ.

All of the original words above (listed in their transliterated form - written according to how they sound in English) all carry the same definition of a saint - someone who is sacred, holy, pure, blameless, dedicated. They became saints by means of the Holy Spirit, which can only come from God. God therefore chooses His saints, and gives them of His Holy Spirit to make it possible (see The Elect).

The people described as saints in The Bible were however still very much human. They were called, they were holy, and they were extremely dedicated (both in terms of attitude, and in the sense of being set apart), but they were still real people, far from perfect. Saints never stopped being normal people - fishermen, farmers, tent makers, doctors, teachers, carpenters. The "little people" of the congregations were as much saints as the most famous and prominent ones such as Peter and Paul (e.g. Romans 15:26).

Saints were not infallible (e.g. Galatians 2:11), and sometimes they disagreed with one another (e.g. Acts 15:39). They were most certainly called, converted, good people, but they did not become somehow perfect. As far as The Bible is concerned, God's Word was and is perfect, but God's people, while yet physical, were and are not perfect in knowledge, or behavior (see Paul's Mirror).

Were there more saints after those recorded in the Bible? Yes. Have there been true saints during the past 2,000 years? Yes, secular history records their persecution, along with the persecution of millions of others who were "saints" of various man-made church organizations. Are there true saints alive on the earth today? Yes, they and/or their descendants are described in end-time prophecy.

Bible Prophecy has much to say about God's true saints living on the earth during the end-times. Circumstances will be extremely difficult, but they will eventually triumph. A few examples from your Bible:

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1 Thessalonians 3:13, 4:16-17
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