New Power In Europe

Europe is changing. It's becoming at the same time something very new, and something very ancient - a unified political, economic, and military superpower that will be patterned after a great European empire of the past.

The political unification is well underway. Many new all-Europe laws and regulations have already come into effect, and many more are not far behind. Economically, the new European monetary unit, the Euro, is now in the process of replacing many of the traditional currencies (francs, marks etc) of Europe. Much is also now being done in the military sector, including joint operations between forces of different nations, and development of the new highly-advanced Eurofighter (in photo).

The world will soon have two military superpowers again - the United States of America, and the European Union. Each will operate within its own sphere, which means that U.S. forces that have been in Europe for so long will all be coming home. Europe owes very much to the American military in the twentieth century, but with the threat of a communist invasion now gone, and a unified Europe more than powerful enough to handle its own security, the writing is on the wall.

A few recent quotes from Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain and President Jacques Chirac of France regarding the military role of the new Europe, not just on the European continent, but anywhere in the world -

One of the greatest ironies of the above statements is that some of them came from a British prime minister. Bible prophecy makes clear that Britain will not remain in the European Union. See The Keys To Prophecy

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Revelation 13:4,7

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