The Jordan Valley

The Jordan River valley area is one of the most world-famous Bible Places. The Jordan River is mentioned frequently in The Bible, about 175 times in the Old Testament (see Old Testament Fact File) and about 15 times in the New Testament (New Testament Fact File).

Jordan is derived from the Hebrew word pronounced yar-dane, meaning descender. The New Testament Greek word for the Jordan is pronounced ee-or-dan-ace. "Descender" is an appropriate name for the river as it runs its course from the heights of its sources near Mount Hermon to the depths of the Dead Sea.

The Jordan River exists in 3 sections, beginning in the north:

From its beginning in the north to its terminus at the Dead Sea, the elevation of the river drops tremendously - from the heights of Mount Hermon to the depths of the Dead Sea - a drop of about 2,380 feet. Due to its winding course, the river itself actually measures nearly 200 miles / 325 kilometers, over twice its direct distance.

The Jordan River played a significant role in numerous events of Bible History -

The Jordan's role in "Bible times" is far from over - much more is going to happen along its very geologically-active course. See Earthquake!

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Joshua 4:19

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