Modern medical science can accomplish great things, from widely available "wonder drugs" that have helped so many, to the actual transplanting of hearts, kidneys and other vital organs - it's almost miraculous. Almost, because sooner or later we are all going to die from something that doctors are unable to cure or repair. Drugs and scalpels have their limitations because mortal humans have their limitations - we could not inherit eternal life, as spirit beings, in our physical state. Our physical lives, with all of our experiences, good or bad (see Why Does God Allow Suffering?), are very important, but there is something infinitely greater to follow in due time (see Why Were You Born?).

There are however many recorded incidents in The Bible where people were miraculously healed of disease or injury, by The Holy Spirit, usually for one, or both, of two reasons: to demonstrate the power of Almighty God while proclaiming The Gospel, and to bring into, or keep an individual alive for, His service. A few examples (from the New American Standard translation) -

Fact Finder: Did the Crucifixion of The Savior also make healing possible?
1 Peter 2:24

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