The Euro

A number of the major nations of Europe are forming the European Union (EU). Its new monetary unit, the Euro, is to replace most of the familiar long-established national currencies of the continent - francs, marks, pounds, and so on. If you live in Europe, you are no doubt already well aware of the Euro.

Most of us in other parts of the world, whether in North America, Australia, Africa, or Asia have not heard as much about the Euro so far (except perhaps from our European friends or relatives), but that is soon going to change. The new currency will not only be a vital means for the political (and therefore, military) joining of many European countries - it will quickly become one of two major currencies of the world economy. Those who understand the keys to prophecy know and appreciate the significance of the European Union, and what great events, and Great Event, that it will lead to in the near future. The adage, "when the trees begin to blossom, you know that spring is near" sums it up quite well. See Daniel's Statue and Feet Of Iron And Clay.

The official schedule plan for the new European currency -

Before long, the European Union is going to have a very big effect on your everyday life, regardless of where you live. Make no mistake, we are living in a very unique time.

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Daniel 12:8-9

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