Many areas of the world are experiencing severe drought right now. Some cities have ordered cut-backs in water usage. Farm crops, that nearly everyone depends upon for food, have been badly damaged, or lost completely in some places. Even small lakes have dried up (as seen in the photograph - a high and dry boater's marker post).

Humans have been experiencing droughts since the very earliest times, as The Bible so often records. Sometimes it was caused by natural cycles, but often it was used by God to get the people's attention, as a reminder of just Who has the power to turn it on, for those who obey Him, or off, for those who have gone their own way.

A few examples from Bible History, and a glimpse of things to come from Bible Prophecy (from the Revised Standard Version) -

Fact Finder: How long did the prophet Elijah cause a drought to last? Did he use prayer to both begin, and end, the drought?
James 5:17-18

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