The Dome of The Rock

Many Christians are familiar with the story of how Abraham, as he was commanded by God, nearly sacrificed his son Isaac at a place called Mount Moriah. The account is found in Genesis chapter 22.

Mount Moriah was in later times the place in Jerusalem where the first Temple was constructed by King Solomon, son of King David. God Himself specified the exact location where it was to be built. After its destruction by the Babylonians, some rebuilding was done by the returning Jews under Zerubbabel in the Persian period. Later, at the time of Jesus Christ, stood the again-reconstructed "Herod's Temple" which was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 A.D. - a little over 35 years after His Crucifixion.

The "Dome of the Rock" was constructed between about 685 to 691 A.D. (making it now just over 1,300 years old) by Moslems who then had control of the city. The gold-colored dome has become a world-famous part of the Jerusalem skyline and is regarded as one of the most holy sites in the Islamic world.

The rock over which the mosque was built is believed sacred by both Jews and Moslems. The Jews believe that it is the very rock on which Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac, and Moslems believe that it is the place from which the prophet Muhammad went into heaven.

Today, the state of Israel, the Jewish state of Israel, is a reality, but the Temple Mount remains in Moslem hands. Two very different peoples, of two very different religions, claiming the exact same very small piece of real estate, based on intense religious fervor. The situation is very awkward and tense, to say the least.

If anyone ever had to chose one place on earth where to watch the greatest events of the future, as prophesied in the Bible, in sight of the Temple Mount would be a very good selection (that is for watching, certainly not for personal safety!). It is there that another Temple is going to be built, one way or another, on, or very near, the place where the Dome of the Rock now stands, despite the absolute outrage that it will provoke in the Arab world, and the conflict that will result. It is in that Temple that the conquering "beast" power as described in Revelation 13 is going to sit, where he has no right to be (Matthew 24:15). And when he does, it will be on the Mount of Olives, just a few hundred yards/meters east of the Temple Mount, that Jesus Christ will return (Zechariah 14:4) amidst massive earthquakes and great signs from heaven.

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