Bethany is located on the south-eastern slope of The Mount Of Olives (its western slope, as viewed from Jerusalem, is shown in the photo below - Jesus would have walked through this scene many times on His way to Bethany). Jesus Christ often visited the village, so much so that some even refer to it as His Judean home.

Bethany is about 2 miles (3 kilometers) east of Jerusalem, on the road to Jericho. It got its name, which means house of dates, from the number of palm-trees that grew there.

Bethany is perhaps best-known from the story of Lazarus (John 11:1-44). Jesus often visited his good friend Lazarus, and his sisters Martha and Mary, at their home in Bethany. Jesus performed the miracle of raising Lazarus back from the dead at a tomb near the village.

Bethany also played a part in a number of other major events in the life of Jesus Christ:

Today, Bethany is a small village known as el-Azariyeh, meaning place of Lazarus, or simply Lazariyeh.

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Luke 24:50-51

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