Seasons Of The Harvest

During Bible History, the climate of Israel permitted a series of produce harvests from the land. Beginning in the spring, the barley harvest occurred in April-May (i.e. the "months" on the Roman calendar that the world has been misled into using today, see Pope Gregory's Calendar, in contrast to God's actual commanded calendar which was then used, see Bible Calendar and Bible Months), and then about seven weeks later, the wheat harvest in June-July. Then, months later, came the autumn fruit harvest from the trees and vines in September-October. The annual God-commanded Biblical Holy Days (in contrast to the man-invented "holy days," or holidays that are often observed instead) were directly related to these harvests (Passover near the barley harvest, Pentecost near the wheat harvest, and The Feast Of Tabernacles near the autumn harvest), not merely as seasonal celebrations, but because they also directly portrayed God's step-by-step plan of salvation for all humanity.

Jesus Christ, The "First Of The Firstfruits"

The Firstfruits, The First Resurrection

The Later Harvest

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This Day In History, August 29

1350: During the Hundred Years war, a Spanish fleet under La Carda was defeated by the English at the Battle of Winchelsea.

1475: The Truce of Picquigny was signed, under which Edward IV of England agreed to withdraw his invading army from France in return for gold and a yearly pension.

1526: During the Turkish-Hungarian War, 30,000 Hungarians under King Lewis and Tomore were defeated by over 100,000 Turks under Suleiman at the Battle of Mohacz.

1756: Frederick II of Prussia invaded Saxony, beginning the Seven Years War.

1825: Brazilian independence was recognized by Portugal.

1842: The Treaty of Nanking was signed between the British and Chinese, ending the first Opium War. The treaty confirmed the ceding of Hong Kong island to Britain.

1885: The first motorcycle was patented, built by Gottlied Daimler in Germany.

1945: U.S. forces landed in Japan after the Japanese surrender at the end of the Second World War.

1949: The Soviet Union detonated their first atomic bomb. The news was made public on September 22 when the United States, Britain and Canada announced that they all had detected it.

1960: Jordanian prime minister Hazza El-Majali and 10 others were assassinated in an explosion set off by a time-bomb.

1962: A U.S. U-2 spy plane photographed Soviet technicians installing a SAM (surface to air missiles) launch pad in Cuba. An event prior to the Cuban missile crisis 6 weeks later.

1974: Canadian astronomer Dr. A. G. Willis was credited with the discovery of "the largest object in the universe", a cloud of energy stretching 105,582,528,000,000,000,000 miles from end to end. It is 1.8 billion light years away.

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