Sackcloth and Ashes

Although the modern-day idea of "wearing sackcloth" is often that of someone dressed in a burlap grain bag with head and arm holes cut in it, during Bible History its appearance was quite different. Sackcloth was most often made of coarse, black goat's hair. As its name indicates, it was used for sacks, but was also customarily worn by mourners (in some countries, the ancient custom is still faintly seen today when mourners wear black arm bands at funerals), or as a sign of deep repentance and humility. Ashes were often included as a further symbol of personal abhorrence and chagrin. Also, sackcloth was, and will be (in some contemporary form), in the case of the two witnesses, worn by some Prophets.




Fact Finder: During the great events prior to The Return Of Jesus Christ, will the "sun become black as sackcloth"?
Revelation 6:12
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