The Capital City

There are presently nearly 200 independent countries in the world, each with its own capital city, each of which is considered the "center of the world" by its citizens. As history has shown loud and clear (and as the daily news makes plain), humans do not accept another country's national or religious capital as their own - all of humanity's wars and rebellions may well have that as their ultimate cause. But a new world is coming, a world in which God will rule with absolute power and authority, in truth and justice, politically and religiously (everyone will still have complete freedom of choice however - to obey God and live, or to rebel against God and die) from one world capital, a place that was chosen by God long ago, according to His will and purpose, before any of today's national capitals ever came into existence. The name of that Capital City is Jerusalem, which in Hebrew means City of Peace - which it will then be, when the Messiah returns to rule all nations, all the world, from Jerusalem. The world will then be one Kingdom, one "country," but still with many nations (keeping in mind that "country" and "nation" are actually very different in literal meaning - see Country and Nation).

Jesus Christ Is Returning To Jerusalem,
Not Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing etc. etc. etc.

The Return Of Jesus Christ:

The binding of Satan, the first resurrection (see Resurrections) and the 1,000 years (or "Millennium"):

The first 1,000 years of Christ's rule:


The New Jerusalem

After all has been completed, the Judgment, the lake of fire, and the new earth:

God arrives with the New Jerusalem:

Fact Finder: After the return of Jesus Christ, what will be the difference between the "Camp of the saints" and the "New Jerusalem"?
See The City To Come

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