Perea was the term used by the historian Flavius Josephus, and others, for a section of the territory east of The Jordan River, opposite Judea and Samaria (see Bible Places). Although the word Perea is not found in the Scriptures, the area was mentioned frequently in the Gospels as the "land beyond the Jordan." John The Baptist baptized in Perea, and was also martyred there at Herod's fortress of Machaerus. Jesus Christ often visited Perea during His ministry, and had many followers from there, which at the time had a large Jewish population (today, Perea is in the Arab Kingdom of Jordan).

John The Baptist in Perea

John the Baptist baptized in the Jordan River, on the Perea side of the river:

John was arrested and martyred in Perea by Herod Antipas (see The Herods):

Jesus Christ In Perea

Jesus Christ often crossed the Jordan, from Galilee, Samaria and Judea, into Perea:

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