Gabbatha, from the Aramaic or Hebrew meaning ridge, or height, with a practical meaning of the ridge of the house, or the temple-mound, was located in Jerusalem near the Fortress of Antonia, a palace / Roman military barracks, named after Mark Anthony (see Cleopatra) by Herod The Great, which was connected to the Temple (see Temples). Gabbatha was covered with a mosaic of colored stones, known in Greek as lithostroton, meaning stone-paved, and hence as "The Pavement." It was the custom of the Roman governors to conduct their tribunals in open areas, so a judgment seat was placed on this pavement outside the judgment-hall, or Praetorium.

The Lamb Of God Sentenced To Death At Gabbatha

It was at Gabbatha that Pontius Pilate knowingly sentenced an innocent man, the Son of God, to death. Ironically, Pilate, who once judged Jesus Christ, is one day going to be Judged by Jesus Christ.

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Revelation 20:11-15

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